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Pokemon Uranium 1.2.3 / Anniversary Mystery Gift!
Erm, well I see Cody is slacking in his own forum, tsk tsk...  Well, since I don't see that an official post was made here in regards to the last update, I may as well do it!  Tongue

Ahem... so as many of you may know, August 6 was Uranium's second anniversary (can you believe that???), and a small update was pushed through for the occasion!  In addition, an adorable new Mystery Gift is available to celebrate this remarkable milestone!

So onward with the update's changelog...
Quote:Bug Fixes:
* Tons of map fixes to correct the bugs that appeared in the last update.
* Fixed double battles crashing in randomizer.
* Completing the championship will no longer remove all Actans from your PC.
* PokePod calls should no longer interrupt the animation when using an HM.

Quality of Life:
* New cries have been added for many Pokemon.
* The PC now has a "Release All" button that can be used to release all Pokemon in the currently selected box at once.
* Renamed "Optimized English" to "1337 Speak" as April Fools is long over and some people seemed to be missing the joke.
* You can no longer send or receive PokePod calls in the Hazard Zone.

* Fixed bug where PokeRadar chains would randomly break for no reason (Yes we ACTUALLY fixed it this time).
* New HUD added for the PokeRadar that displays your current chain length and the Pokemon you are chaining.
* The PokeRadar now has its own background music when in use, as well as a sound effect when a shiny patch appears.
* Tweaked the PokeRadar's shaking grass animation to be much more obvious on light backgrounds as it was nearly impossible to see on Route 16.
* Red grass will now have an increased chance of spawning a HA Pokemon (20%).
* The PokeRadar will now never select tiles you can not walk on (such as those under NPCs).
* When the PokeRadar chain is maxed there will be a very slight chance (5%) that Pokemon will have improved IVs.

Specific to the Pokemon cries:

Updating now will also include a couple of hotfixes that fixed two issues that came up, namely a bug involving the bike's speed and music, and a bug that would cause the game to crash in the Championship when adding Actan to your party.

And finally, the Mystery Gift...

We hope everyone is enjoying Uranium, and on behalf of the Uranium Team... thank you all for your continued support of the game!  We're all looking forward to what the next year brings!  Big Grin
Awwww, thank you for having made an own thread for the Update at last!~ I feel like such a thing deserves an own one in this section after all ^^

Pechy reminds me so much on Pokemon Sweet Version that it made me laugh so hard when I received it.~ It's so adorable!

Nucleon is still missing it's own cry, but I'm having hope that one day it'll do.
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Yep definitely could see pechy in Sweet version or maybe even sweet 2th
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I already knew about this update from the murmurings from the prior update thread, but is quite nice to see it all formally and extensively published in its own thread for maximum visibility! Thanks for the work, Eevee!

Thus far, I've had ZERO luck getting a shiny Pechy…..darn it all. May have to settle for a competitive Male then if the drought keeps up.
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(08-10-2018, 05:23 PM)Lord Windos Wrote: Thus far, I've had ZERO luck getting a shiny Pechy…..darn it all. May have to settle for a competitive Male then if the drought keeps up.

I've not gotten a shiny one yet either.  Just gotta keep at it, though!  We'll get it eventually if we do!
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I apologize sincerely to every member on this Forum, In my scramble to get everything done in this busy week I forgot to submit the forum post. (I had a draft saved that got lost in all of my browser tabs.

Thanks a bunch for saving my skin, Bailey Smile
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