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Beginners guide to understand Uraniums competitive Meta
Important things in the competitive Meta of Pokemon Uranium

Uraniums main new feature: Blessing and curse for the competitive scene

Uraniums competitive scene is extremely different to the official Pokemon Meta mostly due to Uraniums main new feature: The Nuclear type. A type that hits every type super effective bar Steel and Nuclear itself. Understanding the importance of this type and it's main users or abusers is crucial to winning battles in Uranium. Stall as a playstyle is mostly unviable in Uranium due to the fact, that there are very few Pokemon that can survive the nuclear onslaught and those who can often have a crippling weakness in their recovery. However the importance of these semi good counters to the nuclear type can not be denied, due to the fact to create momentum in a battle (such as forcing out nuclear types).
The most prominent Nuclear types in the Meta are the following:

-N-Pajay  Can threaten nuclears best counter in steel with it's fire STAB and good Speed and Special Attack. Bulky Monotypes like Laissure work somewhat as a counter, but the best counter are Hazards like Stealth Rocks and Sticky Web. Revenge killing it with strong priority is also an option, but one should be aware of the fact, that it's abillity is Flame Body and because of that it can be somewhat risky to attack him with prioritys that create contact (like the Aqua jet from Daikatuna).

-Nucleon   Insanly hard hitting and fast nuclear hyper voice spammer. Downsides to it are few, but Nucleon is really a one-trick-pony. It falls victim to strong prioritys, Scarfers, Hazards (especially Sticky Web) and can get pretty much always be handled by certain Steel-Types such as Gararewl.

-Xenoqueen   Probably the worst prominent Nuclear type because it lacks the Nuclear-Firepower of Nucleon as well as the moderatly good speed of Nucleon (Nucleon has 6 Base Points more in Speed over Xenoqueen). It can outcompete Nucleon though in it's abillity to also threaten it's common switch-ins more than Nucleon due to it's acces to Fire Blast. Counters are the same as the counters to Nucleon except that steel types can't reliably wall the mutant Xenomorph.

-N-Jerbolta   Extremely hard hitting Radioacids with a Priority of that that outspeeds Protect on the first turn N-Jerbolta is the best revenge killer in the game bar none. It's lacking coverage leaves it open to be walled by Steel types though since it looses the STAB on it's Ground-type moves (although most Steel types don't appreciate a burn from Radioacid). Counters to it are Steel types, who can take a hit and kill it, since N-Jerbolta probably dies to a Tackle from Magikarp, and Hazards that wear it down after some time. Another Option is Pursuit trapping it with Oblivicorn or M-Arbok after it claimed a kill.

-Urayne   Notable for being the only Nuclear mon that can actually take a hit and having a super effective move for every mon in the meta. The best counter to it are Sticky Webs or being faster than it in general. Walling it is just impossible.

Other noteable nuclear mons:

-N-Gellin   very good on sun teams due to it's acces to Clorophyll and Growth if you predict the switch well. There are no 8-turn Sun setters in Uranium though.

-N-Tubareel   everything with N-Gellin but with rain and physical.

Other nuclear types (feral only):

-Geigeroach  Noteable for being immune to Nuclear attacks, but it's stat distribution and secondary typing holds it back from being a top threat.

-Hazma   Same story as Geigeroach: It's immune to Nuclear, but is too slow to take advantage of it reliably. Expunge also has a pretty bad accuracy. Can hit nuclear for super effective damage though.

Nuclear downfall: Countering the atomic destruction

Countering nuclears all comes down to what mons you are using. Every (and i mean every) team has to have a semi-safe switch-in in a Nuclear attack. Because nuclear is a pretty shitty defensive typing though, a steel type is recommended to fill this slot. The available fully evolved Steel types (and their tier in countering nuclears imo) to choose from are:

Metalynx        A- (Mega Metalynx A )
Gararewl        B+
S51-A              A+ (Mega S51-A A)
Tracton          D-
Daikatuna      D-
Actan              C
Lanthan         A-

Tracton and Daikatuna are very offensive Steel types. They can't take that Nuclear hit's that well and also lack recovery. Most of the time they can't be one-shotted though. More or less the same applies to Actan, but Actan can cripple Physical Nuclears, like Urayne (most of the time) and Tubareel with it's intimidate. Gararewl is the first good counter to Nuclear and the only Steel type who resists Nuclear.Why only at B+ then? It lacks recovery and many Nuclears have Fire-type coverage. Also it's Special Defense is a bit mediocre. Lanthan doesn't have the resistance to nuclear attacks, but it has fantastic bulk and an amazing damage output due to it's ability. The problem with Lanthan is also that it lacks reliable recovery. Metalynx on the other hand has a recovery in Synthesis which allows it to heal against Nuclear types. The Problem with Metalynx though is, that it can't wall reliably against Non-Choiced Nuclears due to it's 4x weakness to fire (aka the most common coverage move on nuclear mons). It's Mega can sort of solve this Problem because of it's ability Heatproof, but it can't wield Leftovers then, which is a useful item for every wall. Also Yatagaryu is one of the most common mons in the game and the weather that comes with it really hurt the viability of Synthesis. The best mon to counter Nuclear mons is S51-A due to it's good bulk and access to recover. An at least B-tier counter to Nuclear is recommended for every team.

Bringing down the nuclear Fallout to the opponent

Removing the defensive counters is key for your Nuclear mon to sweep. As such most Fire types are a great offensive partner for your Nuclear mon of choice. The fully evolved Fire types in Uranium and their tier imo are:

-Archilles                                             A+         (Mega Archilles A+ )
-Firoke                                                 E
-Pajay                                                  D          (N-Pajay A+ )
-Inflagetah                                          A+          (Mega Inflagetah A+ )
-Chimaconda                                      A-
-Frikitiki                                               B/B+
-Flareon                                              E
-Antarki                                               B+
-Krillvolver                                          D
-Lavent                                                C
-Beliaddon                                          A-
-Baitatao(currently unreleased)   ???
-Aotius(currently unreleased)       ???

Archilles and his Mega have an amazing offensive typing as well as the option to be physical or special offensive. In addition to that, the speed tier of Archilles is really good and it has access to the 2 most powerful prioritys in the game, named Flame Impact and Extreme Speed. Firoke on the other hand hits pretty decent on the special site, but it is way to slow and frail to take advantage of it reliably. Pajay hits decently hard as well and is reasonably fast, but it is pretty frail overall and often still lacks the firepower needed to threaten a kill. Nuclear Pajay on the other hand combines the probably 2 best offensive typings in the game and is a threat to every Steel-type, that are forced to switch into him, because these are the counter to nuclear attacks. Inflagetha and it's Mega are the prime revenge killers in the meta after N-Jerbolta, due to their hard hitting Prioritys and their access to Sword Dance. No steel type want's to face those as well as a majority of the meta, making it really easy to sweep with them. Chimaconda is only contrary abuser in the game and nothing but bulky water types really enjoy facing it. the only downside to it is the fact, that you almost always need to run Choice Scarf to outspeed your opponent due to it's slightly below average speed. Frikitiki is an excelent Choice Band abuser, due to it's access to Flame Impact, Flare Blitz and Power Whip. Problem with it is though that you have to choose one move to spam. Flareon would be a usefull pokemon if it's former hidden abillity Drought wouldn't have changed. As it stands, it is too slow to really be an effective weapon to use against steel types. Antarki walls the King of Steel types S51-A to no end if it doesn't carry Dark Pulse and even then it is a huge nuissance. Problem with it is, that it doesn't threaten the middling counters to nuclear all that hard. Krillvolver like Pajay sometimes just doesn't hit hard enough and also has a disappointing speed tier. Lavents niche is that of an Adaptibillity Eruption spammer. Though powerful indeed, it can be very vulnerable to Hazards and needs to carry a Choice Scarf to be that effective. Beliaddon can threaten Steel types offensively as well as defensively with it's extremely good attack and good bulk. You won't find much though that it will outspeed with it's really bad speed.

Nuclear weapons  in the war: Other titans of the meta

Bringing down your opponent with nuclear bombs isn't the only option to win battles in Uranium. Uranium has a huge variety of strong pokemon that you will have to prepare for. I will briefly mention a few of them as well as the reason why they are such strong Pokemon.

-Yatagaryu   Need a mon that breaks through bulky waters? Look no further. Abusing the storm it brings with it, Yatagaryu hits insanely hard with 100% accuracy Thunders and can even boost itself with nasty plot.

-M-Syrentide   The evolution of Crocune. This mon just refuses to die and walls a large majority of the Metagame with it's Restalk set.

-Laissure   Offensively as well as defensively an insanely versatile Pokemon. Hazards, Choiced, Setup-Sweeper, phys/special tank, this mon can do it all.

-Seikamater   Queen of the bugs indeed. Versatile and an amazing Setup Sweeper with it's 5 STABs and access to Quiver Dance and Tail Glow. Sticky Web is also an option on her. (btw why is it the queen of the bugs if she can't breed?)

-Alpico   Technician boosted STAB Frost Breath from a very high SpAtk and Speed stat is a recipe for disaster on opposing teams.

-Nimflora   Not directly one of the best, but since Sticky Webs are REALLY important in a metagame of Nuclears, the best Sticky Web setter gets a honorable mention.

-Dunseraph   Extremely bulky and annoying due to his abillity Serene Grace and access to Glare/Skyfall for paralysis and many Flinching moves like Air Slash.

-Raffiti   We shall not talk about a Smeargle with actual stats and nuclear attacks

These are not the only viable mons in Uranium, but some of it's more prominent ones (as well as the mons i mentioned in previous sections). Taking them into consideration in teambuilding (with or against them) is highly recommended.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction into Uraniums meta. This is only a beginners guide to not get totally run over in the first battle. Of course there are a lot of things to improve so constructive criticism is always appreciated as this marks my first post Smile if my opinion on certain mons change, i will include/edit them in here.

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