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Help Tsukinami Gym Bug???
Yo! so I was playing the game and i finished levelling my team at the dojo and i went to the gym, when i got there, i did two of the puzzles, but i couldn't solve the third, i looked at the wiki page and other articles and it appears one of the ninjas is on a tile that is coloured black when it should be white. if there's a special way to do it, or if i'm just missing something, could you point it out to me? thanks!
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Ignore the actual colors of the tiles. What matters is that the numbers at the top of the screen match. The images on the wiki are what the gym looks like after you've beaten the gym, exited it, and reentered it at a later point.

Be warned: leaving the gym in the middle of the puzzle solving might not necessarily reset the puzzle entirely, and cause the counts to become desynched with the actual number of black/white tiles.
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