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5 IV Luxelong Giveaway.
So... I have been breeding Luxi in an attempt to get a 5IV one with the Regenerator hidden ability. Unfortunately, this is the first 5IV that popped up and I trained it and evolved it, wasting a shiny stone, before I even realized it only had its regular ability, Super Luck. I believe that this Pokemon could still be a excellent addition to a team in spite of that, but I have no plans of using it for my own team. It has a Calm Nature (up in Special Defense, down in Attack), 31 IVs in all stats except Attack, and 24 in Attack (sorry that this one is high; hopefully it can still shine in spite of Foul Play and confusion). Please let me know if you are interested and I can put it up on the GTS at a specified time (I'll just ask for a Birbie, or something along those lines...).

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Update: 5 IV Super Luck Luxelong has now found a home. Happy adventuring all!

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