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Epic Battle Fantasy Introduction! And Review!
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

*Spiritmon beating the Final Boss in the most hard difficult and sighting happily and satisfy*

Hello everyone! Spiritmon here! Its been quite a while since my last post about the Gen 8. I been playing a few games in Steam (not very much since my college studies require my focus too), like Hollow Knight, Xcom Enemy Unknow and Touhou Luna Lights, with that last be a gift from my friend of long date, @Lord Windos. Thanks buddy, you the best!

But one my favourite games franchise was the Epic Battle Fantasy Saga. Not the most creative name so far, but I get there very soon. The gameplay is quite simple actually, in Turn Based battles, with character similar to cartoons and at the same time have inspiration with animes. And with with all those games is there some refences to Pop Culture in general, like Minecraft, Lord of the Rings and to Canti (from the anime and manga FLCL or Fooly Cooly), and of course, our loved Pokemon Franchise.

The series was made and created by Matth Roszak, a game developer, who made all this franchise. Along with EBF Saga be his most famous work, he also make other games like Bullet Heaven 1 and 2, who have a inspiration of Touhou games (Windos would love it). "Okay Spiritmon, you talked about the creator and his works, but when you gonna go about the review of the games?"

Patience young padawan, I going right there on a minute. First, let me just explain one thing: Despite be a RPG saga and have 5 games, they have story, but not actually...linked all together. The main focus of the Epic Battle Fantasy is...well the battles itself. The story only is used a reason for the character go foward. Its not too much complex story. But that doesnt mean its bad! The way the story is tell, is very much humorous and enjoyful and pretty funny too! So if you want have a cool breeze of a game without a very much complex story, this game if for you.

And with that explain, lets go then towards our game. EBF 5 despite be the five game of this long Saga its a..."Reboot" of the four previous games. I cant tell you people why. The truth is only revealed in the end game. Now lets go to a quick introduction:

The game begins with the introduction of our protagonist, Matt, a pirate warrior who was finishing beating the last boss of his videogame, and enjoying his victory, when suddenly a meteor impact on land he live, and the monsters close there become violent and begin to cause havoc. Oh, and also breaking his TV in the process and destroying his videogame. Determined to find out what the hell happened, he grab his weapon, a stick of hockey.

I know the introduction its like "What the f***" but nonsense its something normal in that series too. Along with Matt first weapon, hockey stick called "Ultra Pro 9000X" you can have access to 228 pieces of equips between four different characters. Each one one their style of battle, including bows, Staffs, Swords and Shields, etc.

The game its not only battles however, there is also some puzzle in certain parts of the games, including in special dungeons where you can literally try to figure out how to pass though then. 

The animation of the skills its pretty great, and the musics...ah the musics very fits in each bioma, from dark and sinister, to beautiful and harmonic.

Also, EBF 5 its one of the rare games who cheer the player to collect medals though the quest in the land to unlock doors inside the Art Museum, a place in the game where art made by the fans and Rozark himself was made is there like a tribute to everyone who have contribute in the game. With strong foes who always is equal to your level, so its always a challenge place. And of course, with chests with rare and strong equippment pretty useful to your heroes. 

There is in total 102 medals to collect, so you have quite a work to do!

The games difficult also have five levels: Zero (who is the super easy), Easy, Normal, Hard and Epic (the most hard difficult of all, the super duper hard). The enemy get highter HP and hit more hard, and some can even use skills in Epic difficult. The boss battles also pretty challenge, so if you not equipp to resist certain elements, your party can be crushed like a bunch of noobs!

Of course, you can always change the game difficult, whatever you want, but to feel the true experience of the game, try to set on Hard or Epic mode, then you will feel why its called "Epic Battle" for a reason!

My final score of that game its a 9.5 score! My only problem with the game its a more challenge New Game+ after you finish the game at the first time, you can begin a new game from the very begining, with all your weapons and skills from your previous save. I was expecting to enemies be stronger and have higther HP, but no. When you have a high level, you can kill most of the enemies with just one skill on New Game+ in the begining, what disapoint me a little. Despite that, its a great game, and I recommend a lot if you searching for a good old style Turn Based game, with a simple but good story, and many kinds of content to search and find. And also good challenge battles! And some season weapons to get, like the new year of the dragon weapon, or vallentine day. And a new version 2.0 is in developtment with adition of new enemies!

You can go to Steam and buy your copy of the game right away! 

Thanks you who read this thread and have a good night! See ya in the next post!
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