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Impossible to do a chain ( pokeRadar)

I need help , i just can't do any chain , my record is 3 after 2hours, how does guys in youtube to do a chain of 37  ???? When i start my chain , i go in grass  and the chain broke instantly !!! How am i suppose to know what is the grass wich destroy my chain ? How know where to go to have everytime the pokemon we want ???
What version of the game are you running, the latest version is 1.2.4. if your game is up-to-date, read this thread, it has a lot of information on using the pokeradar.
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i already read it , he explain nothing about how to not break the chain when we choose a grass ^^'
The most common mistake is not choosing a tile of grass that's 4 tiles radius away. Not just four steps, mind you, but a radius of four - could be four steps east and four steps north, for example.

Another thing people don't know is that you can re-try the PokeRadar if you don't get a good patch of grass. Simply walk another 40 steps without leaving the patch of grass or stepping into any shaking tiles, then use the Radar again. Your chain continues.

But all this is in the thread Mikaruge linked.
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Ok thanks, i think i've understand Big Grin

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