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Inflagetah x other fire options
The ability of this pokemon may buff a 65 power move, ending with around 100 power due to stab, it's strong. 
However, wouldn't a overheat with Chimaconda's contrary be much more powerful? Beliadon looks like a better option due to its dark resistance and high base stats. Just informal questions, I didn't calculate too much stuff.
Uranium has many great Fire-types so i can see why you might think that Chimaconda or Beliaddon are stronger. But the reason why i and many other people believe that Infla is better is, that it is so god damn hard to stop. Chimaconda and Beliaddon are dangerous but both can be revenge killed waaaay easier than Inflagetha due to the fact, that Inflagetha is so fast and can spamm +2 Priority moves that deal insane amounts of damage and then there is the fact that it learns Swords Dance... Basically Inflagetha is the more Offensive version of Extreme killer Arceus in the official games and while not being bad in any way, Chima and Beliaddon just don't compare to the sheer power of that (at least in my opinion).

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