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WTE 8 - A message from Aiden
Hello everyone!
So a little Birbie told me, Aiden, that you have lots of full boxes and no space to keep hoarding taking care of more breedjects, and you know what this means! Yes, it is time for WTE 8! It will take place between June 16th and 17th. A few things will change compared to our previous events though, the most important change is that the time will be divided into two different "waves" to guarantee that a greater number of breeders from different timezones can participate with greater ease. The schedule will be as follows:
First wave: 19:00 EST on Sunday, June 16th
Second wave: 7:00 EST on Monday, June 17th

If you intend to participate, please DM Aiden with your OT, ID and OID. Remember to message Aiden again after the event with the amount of boxes you sent. The current date and time for both waves is open for debate in case more breeders can join in a third wave or through changing the current time a bit.

So what does WTE even mean?
WTE stands for Wonder Trade Extravaganza/Event, and basically consists on setting a time and date for breeders to send their wonderful breedjects through WT to share with the community, giving the average player a significant chance to find some good species. Are you a casual player? Maybe you'll find a shiny or a 5 IV to plow through that gym you're stuck on. Are you a breeder? Perhaps you will get new females for those species you're missing. Are you a collector? Gather those OTs to get some good stuff at the lottery!

What's up with those "waves"? What do they mean?
Up until this one, previous WTEs set a single date and time for people to start WTing. However, since we are a community with members from many different timezones, we will be organizing contributions in waves, allowing for everyone to join in, sending breedjects and getting goodies. It's a win-win for everyone.

I have other questions, who can I talk to about this?
Send Aiden a DM and he will answer as soon as possible!

Let's all work together to make this the greatest WT event yet, it's a gift from the community, to the community and we need you to make it happen. If you cannot send anything to help, just saying thank you to those who invest their time helping you out goes a long way and can be more rewarding than getting something else. The countdown to the event!
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So Aiden's organisating the WTE this time? That's new, cool. Love the idea of waves also! ^o^
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Oh, I love it the idea. Count with me!
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(05-20-2019, 11:18 AM)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote: So Aiden's organisating the WTE this time? That's new, cool. Love the idea of waves also! ^o^

Indeed, and I have to say that he's doing a great job so far!  Having the event take place in separate waves to accommodate more people in different timezones was a great idea.  Heart

It's hard to believe that it's been two years (!!) since I stepped up to help Cody with WTE 4.  I've always been happy to lend a hand over the past couple of years, but it's become difficult lately for me to be able to manage the organization behind the event like I could before.  But seeing that WTE is in capable hands makes me feel confident about stepping down from that role.

Don't worry though, I'll still be throwing some breedjects into the mix -- as long as there are still WTEs, I'll still be participating.  Gotta try to empty out those boxes so I can breed more, after all!  Big Grin
Gosh dang it, did nobody actually announce the start of this here?  Undecided

Ahem well.... Wave 1 was already a few hours ago, Wave 2 is now underway... there will be a third wave at 1pm EST (approximately five and a half hours from the time of this post), so get to trading, everyone!  Heart
Unfortunately, due to having begin to work and studies, I will be unable to participate in the WTE
Beating ghosts with Heart!
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(06-17-2019, 06:34 AM)EeveeBailey Wrote: Gosh dang it, did nobody actually announce the start of this here?  Undecided (...)

When I did so on the last WTE, I've been shrugged upon and being told that they prefer to wait for an official announcement, which, eh, didn't feel too nice. Me having prepared for bed when the first wave started is another reason... But enough of finding excuses now, that none said a word here kinda bugs me the same way it does you, Bailey! >o<

There's even a THIRD wave incoming? Cool! Makes me more curious aboit the number of participants and traded 'Mon. Greetings and thanks to Aiden too!
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

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Truth be told, I had intended to come over and post when it began last night, but got a bit caught up in the event. Although I'd hoped to see this thread more alive than it's been tbh. Guess all the hype has moved to Discord nowadays...

Personally so far, I've thrown in about 7 boxes of stuff per wave, and have another 6 more to come in the next wave (in about 2 more hours from now). Among those, I contributed a little over a box and a half of some specially nicknamed Chimicals, several of which were shiny. There MIGHT be a few of those shinies still in the WT pool, as there's three I've not seen accounted for just yet.

Most of mine in Waves 2 and 3 are Misdreavus though. RNG was a little trickster while breeding a request and made me go five boxes between 6IVs (and that was while I was breeding 6x6 too). I've seen a few other people send out some 6IVs and shinies as well!
I'm sorry for not participating this time. I had, indeed, considered sending one 6-IV box yesterday, but I've decided to save it for direct requests. Furthermore, due to shortage of time, I didn't breed anything this year iirc, thus I actually didn't have any box or pokemon set I'd like to wondertrade for now.
Nevertheless, hopefully whoever participated has enjoyed :)
I really take hours to type and revise a single paragraph...
Wish I could have participated, had at least 3 or so boxes of Eevees to send out, but alas, the save file with them got lost with my old computer Sad
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