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Celadon City Post-Campaigh: Arial
This is a post story of the this camapaigh after Arial get to Tandor. Ready to continue when you are @Lord Windos;


Arial had to resist the urge in bonk his head with the metalic skin of Gaspar. All he can do is look to the gawking people look to him along with the Ranger Kelly with his family.

Very funny Watchers. Gladly to know you didnt lost your sense of humor.

Say Arial to himself, full knowing of the entities who is problably watching this moment. After the recent events of his life, he now aware of things most people dont. Entities who is capable of watching over his universe.

Why things can't be easy and with no problems for once without me get in trouble. We are trying not to call attention, and right now, this is the opposite we supose to do!

Arial thought that things full knowing Gaspar can now ready his thoughs and communicate via mind. He had to have a plan, so he pass to Riza and Gaspar what they have to do.

First, Arial and Riza get out of his mount with his things, at the same time his brother shrink its size, until he became a little Duplicat. "Whoosh! That was a rough trip! We were walking though the frontier close to Bealbeach and we try to teleport more quickly."

Arial than apologize Kelly and his family. "Sorry in ruin your beach and private time...My Duplicat had take the form of a teleport pokemon and we try to teleport close to this city, and we endend up here in this spot. Sorry for this."

"My name is Shrodinger. And this is my friend Bet." Say Arial. It is not a lie, since its part of their names, just not the full name. "We are looking for jobs here in Bealbeach City, so could you help us with that? Again, sorry for this awkward situation." Arial was indeed sorry for causing troubles after leaving Team Rocket.

About Gaspar...there is not to much he can do about that for now.
Flying Altarias with Heart!
Skull Ruins
PUNpare for trouble with Arial!
Celadon City
Arial then bring Necrozma (who still light off) and tell Kelly his friend need medical treatment right away! He say that to avoid any further questions.
Flying Altarias with Heart!
Skull Ruins
PUNpare for trouble with Arial!
Celadon City

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