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[Guide] How to Soft Reset for Shiny Urayne
Disclaimer: Contains Spoilers
This is my first time writing a guide, and a niche one at that, so forgive me for any errors and please reply with them. For those of you who are new to the game, want a shiny Urayne, and are willing to sacrifice a few (or a hundred) hours, continue reading. For those of you who are relatively adept at Pokemon, skip on ahead to Preparation

Welcome! By reading this guide, you will quickly learn how to obtain your very own shiny Urayne! There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help quicken your hunt. First, you may be wondering what 'Soft Resetting' is. Soft Resetting is exiting and reentering your game so that you may achieve or receive something that is dictated by RNG. (RNG stands for random number generator, and essentially means that there is a chance that you will get something. In this circumstance, the chances of getting shiny Urayne is 1 shiny out of every 1024 tries. This doesn't mean on the 1024th try you will get shiny Urayne. You could get it on your first try if you're lucky, or go 2400 times and never get it.) 


There isn't much preparation, but not doing it will result in the failure of all your efforts. 
Turn On Autosave 
This is imperative in shaving off 10 minutes of cut scenes. To do this, go to "Options", scroll down and set the autosave frequency to 5 minutes. 
Set text to fast if you haven't already. It will make the process much quicker. 
Use a Soft Reset Tracking Website
This is not necessary but very handy when you want to know your chances and how far you've been going. I use (Which has a darkmode for you night owls) In order to have correct stats, in the setup page select Generation 5, Yes to Shiny Charm, Masuda Method Hunting Method. Rest of the setting do not matter. All you have to do is press + whenever you complete a soft reset (Receive Urayne in this case). 

At the League Battle...

Save After Battling Gamma Urayne
This is not necessary but it is very helpful if you mess up your autosave timing or forget to turn on autosave. Continue progressing through the story until just before a flashback scene. That is where the autosave will happen.
The text will be green and say "remember..."
Press A (or whatever you have it set to) and the screen will fade to black. 
DO NOT PRESS ANYMORE KEYS. Leave the computer, do whatever, just don't touch the keyboard for 10 minutes. We want the autosave to kick in as the flashback progresses. Essentially, the game thinks that in the cutscene, you are entering a new environment. Autosave works by saving whenever you enter a new environment, IE buildings, gyms, pokecenters, etc. Here, the new environment is the flashback. 
Press A until you enter the room with Urayne in a stasis tank with Lucielle. PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER
If you see a little atom ball flash, success! You have triggered the autosave. 

Actually Soft Resetting
Finally, you have triggered the autosave and can now start soft resetting. After the flashback, Urayne will retreat back into its atom ball and you will receive it. You can see whether or not it is shiny by asking to nickname it.
ignore the Costraw part
That is shiny Urayne. Look for that sprite. If you don't see it, press F12 to restart your game. 

Once you are back to the menu, look at the top left corner. If it says "Autosave: (OT)" You're all set! Log back in and you'll be at the cutscene. If not, repeat the steps above until you get it right.
This is a great guide, some of the Mods please pin it to the Important Threads!
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