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Hello everyone! I have noticed that it is a bit of a tradition to share the statistics obtained from the event after it takes place, so I just wanted to make sure that you get to receive this information just like you always have. So let us begin, because we have a lot to go over! 


The Wonder Trade Extravaganza started on Sunday, June 16th at 19:00 EST and continued throughout three different waves, ending on Monday, June 17th. I am overjoyed to report that participants broke several historical records, one of them being the number of participants, which rose to 36 Breeders!

A total of 10 191 pokemon were sent by these generous participants throughout the duration of the event, which is another new record in terms of goodies shared with the community! Almost all the people who signed up fulfilled their commitment and joined the event, reaching an outstanding 97.3% participation ratio

I would like to personally thank every person who joined the event, since you have all been fast to reply whenever I requested information for the final tally and to keep track of progress as the event took place. Thanks to our amazing development team, we had no issues with the online system at all and trades worked smoothly.

Last but not least, I would like to share a chart comparing statistics including all WTEs so far. Blacked out cells mean I could not find any data for that specific field. If you want to know how much participation has changed since the event was first held, please take a look at the following chart:

[Image: WTE_8_Chart.JPG]

WTE 8 has been the first one to be divided in waves, so I will also leave a small chart here to illustrate how many of the registered breeders joined each of them. Please bear in mind that some joined more than a single wave, so the total will be over 100%:

[Image: Waves.JPG]

Once again, thank you all for participating! I hope you had a great time, because I sure had a blast! Best of luck with your own projects and see you next time!  Big Grin
Should you need anything, please send me a message at the Breeders Guild. Breed until you bleed!
Heck, that is a LOT of participation this time around... and look at all those records we broke over the weekend!  I'm seriously impressed!  Exclamation

Many thanks to Aiden for hosting the event -- you did a great job, and I'm thrilled to see you bringing so much success in your first go at hosting WTE. Heart

Looking forward to seeing everyone for WTE 9!  Big Grin

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