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More space in PM messages
Heya! Good day, afternoon, night depending of the time in your country! One thing I find annoying is the PM messages always get full or get close to full (around 96 percent). One improved I would like is improved the space of PM system, at least give more space for more messages. And maybe make it possible to dowload the PM to text archives to better save memory. What you people think?
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It already is possible to download private messages as either a html-file, a text-file or excel-file, maybe you just haven't noticed? It's just left of the bar that tells you how much percent of the space you've used. Once having downloaded messages, you can clear everything to make space again.
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The download system was implemented so you could save the messages you wanted to keep. Though it is possible to increase PM space for users based on group, the reason I don't typically do this is because each private message is saved to the board until it's deleted, which takes up a lot of space that I have limited of.
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