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Finished the Game
Big Grin 
I finished Pokémon Uranium in 30 hours, 26 minutes. My username also happens to be the name I came up with for the technique I used.

Oh, and this game is AMAZING!!!!! I really hope the Angelure Town mission is added soon. Oh, and with all of the references to official games scattered throughout, I'm pretty sure Cameron's friend will be none other than Detective Looker himself.

Also, I'm developing some fangames of my own, called Pokémon: Thunder Version and Pokémon: Lightning Version. They will be written for the Sega Dreamcast. The controller used will be a third-party controller with C and Z buttons added. It'll also be compatible with the Fishing Controller, Dreamcast Mouse, and Dreamcast Keyboard. When fishing, keep the controller used for gameplay (the Main Controller) plugged into port 1, then plug the fishing controller into port 4. It will continue to stream save data from your VMU while you fish.

Introducing the PokéTab 2-in-1! You'll have the option to operate it in Tablet Mode with just the Main Controller or in Laptop Mode with the Main Controller plugged into port 1, Dreamcast Keyboard plugged into port 3, and the Dreamcast Mouse plugged into Port 4.

Pokémon: Thunder Version will take place at the same time as Pokémon: X Version, and Pokémon: Lightning Version will take place at the same time as Pokémon: Y Version. You will travel the Nimbus Region, which consists of islands high in the sky. It's a sky region, people! A sky region! All battle will be real-time with a difficulty curve more brutal than that of Pokémon: Uranium Version. Not only that, but battling can leave the place trashed! The environment is completely destructible! There will be a unique feature where when you open the bag, time will slow to a crawl, however, you'll only have ten seconds. In this time, you will be able to use Battle Items in unique new ways!
  • Perfect Strike: Use an X Attack within five milliseconds of your physical attack connecting, and the attack will be unavoidable, and the damage will automatically doubled.
  • Perfect Defend: Use an X Defend between the five milliseconds of using a shielding move like Reflect and the five milliseconds of your opponent's physical attack connecting. The physical attack will do zero damage, and the shield will remain intact.
  • Perfect Special Strike: Special Attack variant of Perfect Strike. This applies to X Special Attack and a special attack.
  • Perfect Special Defend: Special Defense variant of Perfect Defend. Used in response to Special Attacks.
  • Perfect Blitz: Use an X Speed within five milliseconds of a speed-based move like Quick Attack making contact. The power of the move will automatically be doubled, and the opponent will fly twice as far.
  • Perfect Critical: This one is the hardest to pull off, but is potentially devastating. Use a Dire Hit within five milliseconds of a Critical Hit making contact. After the Critical Hit calculation takes place, the damage is doubled further. This means that the attack will do 4x the normal damage!
Introducing Photon-Types, and a new Photon-Type Eeveelution: Stellarion! This Pokémon's body is a mass of sentient light, and 99.99% of them either physically speak or use telepathy to communicate. However, they are incredibly intelligent, and they tend to use highly sophisticated vocabulary to say anything, and they feel stupid when they have to dumb things down for their Trainer, which they usually have to do.

Also introducing Field Abilities! These are specialized abilities that cannot activate or be used in battle. Stellarion's Field Ability is Prism Phase, which allows it to phase through any light-permeable object as if it doesn't even exist. However, this takes energy, and the more light that would be lost travelling through the substance, the more energy it'll take to pass through. However, they're far too intelligent to ever get trapped.

This game will also feature Mega Evolution, global travel on an unforeseen scale, and, once you can reach Alola, Z Moves!

However, in protest to the lack of a National Dex, breeding, and Mega Evolution in Sword and Shield, the Galar Region will not be accessible, and I even devised a reason: the Galar Biodiversity Initiative. Once Nintendo and GAME FREAK decide to at least add the National Dex and breeding back to Sword and Shield, THAT'S when Galar will be accessible. Before then, no. Sorry, Sword and Shield supporters.

And if anyone comes here supporting Sword and Shield, I have one thing to say to you: No matter what Nintendo says, if you blindly follow their Poké Flute for Sword and Shield, you will eventually be lead off of the same cliff as people were with Gates to Infinity. In both cases, the focus was on gimmicks and instant gratification instead of gameplay. History is, sadly, repeating itself, and I greatly fear that Galar may end up being the final official Region because of this. Nintendo and GAME FREAK don't plan on changing anything about Sword and Shield, either. Is dividing the fanbase really the best thing for any franchise? I don't think so.

Alcreamie is literally a dessert turned into a Pokemon. #BoycottSwordAndShield

That's a lot of ambition and mechanics for you own FanGame. Why choose to write if for the Dreamcast though? I'm just asking 'cause I'm curious as that's unique choice!

You've got a design or draft for Stellarion? :> Sounds like an Eeveelution I'd enjoy a lot.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

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