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Fanfic: Nightmares
Good day/night/afternoon, depending of your country! How things are going? Been a while since I post something. Since I got some free time, I decided to write a little story who was been lurking in my mind for a while. Been a few years since I write a fanfic, and I feel the inspiration in make it. 

Anyway, a little alert: The below story is not for those below 16 years. So, if you have less than 16 years, avoid read the following story. There is some disturbing scenes and some blood, so please avoid read at all costs.

Alert give, let's hit the roll! Enjoy the reading, and give your opinion in the story in the comments below! See you later.
Beating ghosts with Heart!
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I could feel the rain hitting me in the face. The mud in my feet while I was running. And feel my heart accelerate while I was running. 

"His here! Get the man and come!"

I run and run even more, ignoring the pain in my legs and the wet feeling in my eyes. It is difficult to say if the feeling is from the rain or the tears of fear I feeling. The path ahead is dark, but if I only could reach Baykal village…

I grabbed that hope in my hands, but then I hit a branch I didn't see in my path and fall. I hear the mans in black attire reach me. They point their guns, with Magneton and Brozong follow behind them. A person came, slowly walking. I slowly turn my back. It was a scary man, without emotion in his green eyes. They were cold as the most freezing metal. By his appearance he would be around his 39 or 40 years, but keeping a bulky and strong body, muscles hide by his silver attire. He have a black hair, with some strings showing white hair, showing his age.

"You gave us some trouble running all the way. You impressed me. For a child, you have a lot of steel running in your veins." Said the man, not showing not even a smile, lacking any empathy or something to determine him "human".

"However, this is all over." He grab a Luxury Ball in his belt, and then throw, revealing a Scizor. The metalic Bug look at the child before him. In the bug eyes, there was sadness. "Muramasa. End this quick. Like we did with my ex-wife."

The Scizor Muramasa tremble with the memory still lurking in the mind. He hesitate for a instant. However, his honor demand absolutely loyalty with his master…even if that means genocide. He approached the child, and with one claw, he grabbed the neck of the little one. I try to breath as best as I could...But the air didn't come. I could feel the pain growing and growing, feeling my skull be pressure and breaking from the insides. Blood begin to come from my mouth and tears of blood roll though my eyes. From the red curtain who was the vision I see, the silver attire man show for the first time some emotion: A sinister smirk, feeling joy in such malice. I raise a hand at him, begging for my life.


Then a splash sound, follow by a body falling in the ground.

I awake on a jump, with the nightmare still vivid in my head, and gave a scream of sheer terror. A guy came running to his room, with dark skin, dreadlocks, red pajamas and a hat of Inflagetah. He hasty go to the bed of the little one, and hug him, trying to comfort the child. "Shhh, it's okay. It's me Tiko. It was just a nightmare, you will be alright."

"I scared! I scared! He gonna kill me! I...I…" 

Two other Pokemon came. A young Devimp, and a baby Chimical. They feel the pain of the child pain. They struggle a bit to reach the bed, but they eventually succeeded, and they approach the other hug duo, trying they're best to protect the child.

"No one kill you. I am here. I will be always be here. I gonna keep you safe, no matter what. And your Pokemon feel the same. They will always be here."

The child still was sobbing and crying, the nightmare still very vivid. He bury his face in the chest of Tiko, who still keep the hug, like a father protecting his children. The two fiery Pokemon come closer, making Pokemon sounds, saying that everything will be okay. The child see the two, and embrace them, like a baby hugging plush toys, trying to make monsters from nightmares go away. 

He stay there, sobbing and crying, until no had no tear left, and he sleep again. Devimp, Chimical, and Tiko stay there, protecting him. "I won't let any evil fall to you...never. two…promised me you gonna keep him safe." The two young Fire Pokemon look to the Fire Acolyte, and simply nod his head. He doesn't need to say twice. They will keep him safe. Even if it cost their lives.

"Good..." Tiko look to the child, snoring peaceful now. But he didn't leave. He must stay. To help him go though it. He never considered be a parent figure or something...but when he found that child in the forest, with people pointing guns and Pokemon, he couldn't leave him alone.

"I know I will not be capable to be always with you...But I keep you safe as much I can. And I will train you as best I can. You have a Fire Spirit within you. A Flame who never will extinguisher. You gonna be strong Leo...I sure of it."

He then stay a sentinel. Willing to train and protect the little one. Until the day they're paths follow different directions...when the cub, someday become a lion.
Beating ghosts with Heart!
Melting Primals with Kogeki!

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