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Uranium Championship Series Team review
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the UCC UCS team review. Just rolls off the tongue.
My name is Narshyl and i’m joined today by Shademonkey to have a look at the teams and how they match up.
[Image: unknown.png]

Why not kick things off with the man who started the UCS: Jabuloso,  coach of the Venesi Baariettes. At first glance his team looks very much offense-oriented, sporting high speed and/or high damage threats such as Mega Baariette, Inflagetah, Alpico, Gyarados, Frikitiki, Oblivicorn and Navighast. Not many teams can contest the absurd speed that Inflagetah and a scarfed Alpico provide. The defense on this roster, while not nearly as impressive as the offense, is still pretty solid including Gararewl, Luxelong, Gyarados and Gligar. I can tell that Jabuloso had a plan going into this draft which shows when you look a bit deeper at all his Pokémon. Multiple ground immunities, multiple hazards and multiple ways to remove them. All in all quite a versatile draft. I can’t really point out many downsides. Perhaps the draft is a bit predictable. The Pokémon all have a job and they can do it well, but unless Jabuloso is going to pull out some wacky strategies it seems that his game plan would be clear as soon as his opponent enters team preview.

Now this is quite the intriguing roster. Dee picked no less than 3 Non Fully Evolved Pokémon for his roster, making him the coach with the most NFEs on the first week. Dee's Pokémon may look lackluster on paper, with Mismagius, Tanscure, and Brainoar often finding it hard to make a niche for themselves in the regular meta. On the other hand, Dee has access to some strong Wallbreakers and/or Sweepers in Mega Gyarados, Krilvolver and Gellin alongside the fantastic support that Stenowatt, Antarki and Ratsy can provide, the latter being his only way to remove Hazards from his field as of now. I know he is going to have to play aggressively or plan his strategy thoroughly before his matches because if he loses his offensive Pokémon in battle, there might be no way for him to get past his opponents' bulkier Pokémon.

On to Tanamar and the Snowbank Barands.
This is one scary-looking draft. A strong Sun core in M-Archilles paired with Coatlith. Add onto there Actan, Garlikid, Gengar, Geigeroach and Syrentide and you have both offensive and defensive threats that can solve most problems. Backing those up are some less obvious picks that each bring some heavy utility to the table in the form of hazards, Haze and Magic Bounce, among others. However having only one way of removing his opponents’ hazards is a major downside to this draft.

Bulky. Offense. Potential.
Fam picked some really fat Pokémon for himself. Mega Syrentide, Beliaddon, Xenoqueen, Feliger, Anderind are all very resilient Pokémon that can pack a punch. While this roster has some nice defensive pivots to fall back on in Corsoreef, Gliscor and Sableye, its main weakness it its overall  mediocre speed. But if Fam finds a way around that, he can find himself in a position where not much can revenge one-shot his pokemon. Chip damage is going to be key to beating this bulky roster, luckily Fam has multiple ways of removing them and preventing his opponents from setting them.

As BO-oriented as FamSlayer's picks were, Mizz is sweeping incarnate. Literally half her Pokémon have the ability to set up to perform a mid-game sweep, granting her a certain element of surprise as to which Sweepers she's bringing to the table, and whether or not her sets are going to deviate from the expected "set up move + 3 attacks" formula. Mizz can tamper with opposing weathers, has all sorts of entry hazards at her disposal and even has several methods of removing them from her field in Defog and Rapid spin. All in all a versatile and threatening roster. Watch out for this one.

The Legen Harpteras coached by Spoder seem to be drafted mostly around their superstar, Mega Inflagetah. Easily one of the scariest in Pokémon Uranium, regardless of format. Everyone knows it, everyone fears it. Luckily for Spoder, it has a ton of support to make sure it succeeds. FIVE different eeveelutions that perform their own role. from taking hits to getting rid of checks. Many ways to both set and remove hazards, and the ever annoying Dunseraph to make anyone's’ day a living hell. Finally, a couple mon that can clean up games if needed in Astronite, Fafninter, Harptera and Jolteon. I feel like it’s going to be difficult to build against this team as it just has so many good options to go for.

Here's the roster of someone who likes to be prepared for all eventualities. Poisseman has all kinds of tools at his disposal : VoltTurn? Check. Rapid Spin? Check. Trapping? Check. Key immunities? Super check. Speed control? Hello, is three Sticky Web users gonna be enough? These traits look great on paper but the Pokémon may prove a little too specific, we'll see how he handles teambuilding. One thing I'm noticing is that his roster could use a little more instant firepower - understand: his offensive Pokémon need to set up first to be able to dish out decent damage. I'm betting the other coaches will want to trade for some of Poisse's Pokémon during the next rounds; his game is going to be to decide who he gives away some of his precious toys to. 

And last but most certainly not least, the Tsukinami Volchiks coached by Skullex.
Bulk is the name of the game here. Mega Metalynx, Laissure, Tubareel and Vaporeon are all great at taking hits. Having 3 different mons that can bring Intimidate and maybe the most options for hazards out of any team. Games with the Volchiks are likely to turn into slow grinds to wear down the opponent. On the offensive front, this team isn’t lacking either. Strong wallbreakers in Herolune and Sylveon and sweepers in the likes of Yatagaryu, Dramsama and Laissure make it so you can’t assume your are facing a slow and bulky team without the risk of getting swept. Oh, did i mention that this team has incredible rain synergy?  

This first season of the UCS is already looking to be an exciting one. But before we wrap things up here we have our power ranking as of week 0. To all participants and spectators, we hope you have a fun and exciting UCS Season 1!

8. Deeffect
7. Poisseman
6. Spoder
5. Jabuloso
4. FamSlayer
3. Skullex
2. Tanamar
1. Mizz

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