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I think Heatran somehow should be made available in the game, as it forms a trio with Actan and Lanthan. I know it went to Sinnoh but following the storyline of Uranium it previously came from Tandor. I like the connection between him and the two Tandor legendaries because it so connects the world of Uranium to the canon rest of the Pokémon world and I somehow think it's a shame that it isn't available in the game despite this cool connection. As there is no other official legendary in the game, I think Heatran should make the exception, even if it just gets distributed as a Mystery Gift. When it comes to his Pokédex entry, there are multiple possibilities to get him into it: On one hand, he could take the 201st place or the number 000 like Victini did in Unova. On the other hand, the Sea Monsters could be swapped with Aotius, Mutios and Heatran as all of them haven't been released yet.
The Pokedex is locked at 200 mons (plus Gengar).

Also, Heatran was never in Tandor historically.
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The Sea Monsters are #192, #193, and #194, whereas Aotius and Mutios are #198 and #199. Every Pokémon has their own place. Zephy is #200 and isn't released either, so where would that end up?
Uranium breaks the rules in many aspects like the starters having only 1 evolution or the main legendary being the artificial one. yes Heatran is referenced in the legends but Actan and Lanthan would be the closest to the "poster" legendaries of Tandor if Urayne wasnt prominent to the story. Heatran isnt supposed to be here because in the canon he/she moved to the Sinnoh region while these two remained here.

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