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[Sprite] Full screen issue
When I started to use the game in full screen mode i noticed some buggy lines between sprites like houses and trees. After that I saw posts in which people asked for help for the exact same issue but only got the answer that their image/window was too big. I now can say that the size of the image is definitely not the problem: While streaming the game to my TV via HDMI the option "Large" offers an even bigger (too big) image of the game than full screen, but doesn't have those annoying lines. But when switching to the full screen mode (smaller image than large), they are there again immediatly. Is there any way this could be fixed?
When they say size, they probably mean Fullscreen. Fullscreen is just about always the cause of that screen tearing.

It's a limitation with the game engine, so it won't be fixed until the game is ported to a different engine.
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Maybe I found a solution for the problem: When duplicating my laptop's screen to my TV and using 640x480 mode from the .exe-file's compatibility settings, my TV pushes the image in 4:3 format (while the laptop still gives the 640x480 Image in 16:9), making it look like normal full screen just without those lines. Maybe the game should offer a fullscreen mode, which uses the 640x480 mode as basis and then "squeezes" the new image into 4:3.

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