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[Guide] How to Trade with Yourself (Please Read)
Those looking for simple trade evolutions, the other starters, multiple mystery gifts, etc. in Pokemon Uranium should read this, as there's a way to easily trade without having to rely on others to trade with.

Simply select New Game (If you're paranoid that this is a prank you can just go into the game's files and back up your save) and play until you reach the first new town. Once you do, you can save the game and go back to the main menu. From here, you can select the "Mystery Gift" option and receive any ongoing gifts like the Spritzee held items and Destiny Knot. Naturally, this allows you to get multiple gift Pokemon as well. HOWEVER: You must then play that game, enter the Pokemart and retrieve those gifts immediately, otherwise they won't appear for you if you select another file or close the game. Or alternatively, you can enter the save and save the game in order to keep the deliveryman at the Pokemart. Apparently, doing this can let you constantly talk with said deliveryman over and over until the Mystery Gift Pokemon you recieve is shiny as long as you reload the save, even if it's after the Mystery Gift event passes. Naturally, to increase the likelihood of getting a shiny version, you'll want the preserved gift pokemon to be on a file that has the Shiny Charm that you can get from the professor. However, I personally have not tested this, so it's unclear as to whether or not a Mystery Gift Pokemon's "shininess" is determined only upon recieving the Pokemon in question, or if it's determined when the sprite scrolls across the screen. However, there was a post in the "Shiny Share Thread" which alluded to the ability to recieve a shiny long after the Mystery Gift date had passed so take that for what it's worth.

If you're looking to trade starters, evolve through trade, etc. then on that newly created file, simply catch something you don't care about like a Chynmunk, Birbie, or Cubbug (This can be made even easier with the ball glitch) and deposit it into the Pokecenter's GTS. Leave and exit the game (you do not need to save manually, it will save automatically when you leave the menu and return to the Pokecenter). Go back to the main menu and select "Other Save Files" and select your main file. (Also, don't have a panic attack when in the menu, even if you accidentally select the option to delete a save file, it will ask if you're sure TWICE before actually doing it). Once you're in your main game, just trade whatever you want and then switch files back and forth until the Pokemon are where you want them. This is especially easy when using the aforementioned low-level Pokemon most people don't set up for trades because it's easy to find out which is yours. That said, make sure you check the trainer name so that you're not actually trading your level 100 Actan for a lv 2 Birbie or something. It's also a good idea to make sure that the garbage Pokemon are always what you deposit for a trade, because if you have something someone happens to be searching for and they have a throwaway pokemon of their own... So yeah, deposit garbage pokemon and switch files to trade. It takes slightly longer, but it ensures that the things you trade for will be yours alone.

This method lets you get trade evolutions that are actually competitively viable, as well as do things like starting the game with all the starters, getting Pokemon from later areas early in the game, making multiple playthroughs faster by getting the bonus XP from traded Pokemon, get multiple attempts to get good IVs for legendaries like Urayne that you otherwise have no control over, perform the ball glitch to make the early game super easy, and even get more prizes from the Pokemon Lottery. This is because the Pokemon Lottery number is the same across all save files, so if you get multiple characters to Bealbeach City, you can trade lottery-winning pokemon between characters to get multiple PP Ups, Big Roots, and Master Balls! It also makes one-time items like the Royal Jelly and Razor Fang not as tragic if you happen to waste them on a sub-optimal pokemon (Or as the case may be want the pokedex credit for shiny and/or nuclear versions of pokemon on top of their normal dex sprites). Same goes for finite items like Eviolite and Binding Band.

(I created this because I tried searching and no previous thread popped up, I'm hoping this will get pinned so that newer players can see it because I spent a LONG time without this information when it would have been very helpful)
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