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2019 Holiday Mystery Gifts!
Happy Holidays, Uranium community!

We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday full of laughter and fun, and egg nog and cookies! Santa's elves have been working overtime, while the Big Man himself has been making his list and checking it twice -- and this year, he's decided to bring you gifts whether you've been naughty or nice!

Starting now, you can claim not one, but two special Mystery Gift Pokemon, sent directly from the North Pole! RUN YOUR PATCHER TO UPDATE THE GAME, claim your Naughty and Nice gifts from the Main Menu, and then head to any PokeMart to pick up your Christmas presents from the deliveryman!

From all of us on the Uranium Team... Happy Holidays and have a wonderful 2020!

Exclamation Exclamation Remember, YOU MUST RUN YOUR PATCHER to see the holiday sprites! Exclamation Exclamation
Just updated the fandom Mystery Gift wiki to the best of my abilities, so anyone checking there will know about it soon too.
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I'm starting to lack room in my Event Mystery Gift-mon Box, it's almost full by now... But that only proofs how the Game's not dead, hopefully it never will either, THANK YOU♡ for the love and effort put into these nice special 'Mon!~~
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