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Virtual Trainer Suggestions/ID numbers
So I've been working on breeding some mons with solid stats and moves all the way to LV 100 anyway. So I figured that after discovering how to create multiple save files I'd create some novelty Virtual Trainers that people could fight for fun.

I'm already working towards a Curie-themed VT (albeit really slowly) with Urayne, Pajay, Gliscor, Xenoqueen, Jerbolta, Mega Arbok, Mega Baariette, Mega Gyarados, etc. as considerations (All nuclear obviously) Minus Nucleon since the rival and most VTs have it anyway. Or maybe even a shiny Lavent if I can find one just for shiggles.

Another one would be an Eviolite-focused one with things like Cubblfly, Gligar, Cararalm, Sableau, Corsola, Folerog, Dearewl, Skelerogue, Misdreavus, Palij, Primape, etc. all with Eviolite.

A stall VT with Umbreon, Lanthan, Seikamater, Corsoreef, etc.

And lastly a Malevolent/Dark/Ghost mon VT with things like Chainite, Mega Gyarados/Baariette/Dramsama, Mismagius, Beliaddon, Navighast, Vilucard, Sableye, and Oblivicorn.

I was also considering some meme and even juvenile joke pokemon like my Fafninter nicknamed "TRoosevelt" or getting a female Aromatisse so I could have it say "Can-can dancer"/"Slut"/"Hooker" Used "Attract!"/"Captivate!", "Penis" Used "Harden!", "Emo" Used "Cut!" (yes I know that move isn't in the game, it's just an example) that kind of thing.

Do any of you have suggestions of what a funny or interesting combination of Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, Names, etc. You'd like to see as virtual trainers? And what would your ideal combination of 'mons consist of? (I know that the VT AI isn't exactly Chess Grandmaster levels of strategic and all, but this is more for novelty than anything else).
▓ I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist in a world of misery.  ▓
After a misguided attempt to hunt for Shiny Eevees I had some leftover and thought to make a novelty Shiny Eeveelutions team with help from Bingo. I'm going to be working on that but I also had an idea for an Extra-Terrestrial Virtual Trainer named "Hooman" that has alien/space themed pokemon like S51-A Mega Form, Astronite, S51-A normal form, and Xenoqueen, but I'm not sure what else would be fitting.

Also, a Fallout New Vegas-Themed VT. There's actually a surprising number of fitting mons and moves, but unfortunately some of them like "Endure" tend to overlap. I have a list of mons, moves, and abilities I think would be fitting. Let me know what you think should make the cut when it comes to mons and moves, and if you have suggestions of your own for mons, moves, abilities, etc. (By the way, I know there's a character limit for nicknames, it's just another aspect I haven't quite hammered out yet.)

These are my ideas so far:

Trainer name = Courier 6/Mr New Vegas/New Vegas

Mons = Tracton named "Securitron" -  Lock-On, Discharge/Thunderbolt/Flash Cannon, Shift Gear, Hidden Power, Dig (Victor Dug Courier 6 out of their grave), Explosion, Endeavor, Last Resort

Gargryph/Brainoar named "Edwin House" Gargryph = Ancient Power, Iron Defense, Stored Power, Secret Power/Hidden Power, Double Team, Payback, Brainoar = Ancient Power, Hidden Power, Psychic?, Double Team, Endure, Substitute, Signal Beam, Nasty Plot

Chainite/Mismagius = "Courier 6?" As in died but came back to life. Chainite = Pursuit, Payback, Shadow Sneak? (Stealth Build), Grudge, Frustration/Return, Facade, Swagger?, Theif?, Spite. Mismagius = Lucky Chant, Spite, Payback, Grudge, Hidden Power?, Frustration/Return, Facade, Swagger?, Theif?, Charge Beam?, Captivate?,

Hazma = "Ghost People (Sierra Madre)" = Defog, Haze, Acid Armor, Toxic, Return, Fire Blast/Explosion (The gas canister carrying ones), Trick ("It's a Trick, get an axe!")

Geigeroach = Radroach = Gamma Ray/Proton Beam/Nuclear Slash/Half-Life/Nuclear Waste, Bug Bite/Infestation, Dig, Return, Endure

S51-A = BMT Scientist = (Analytic ability if possible) Laser Pulse, Simple Beam, Light Screen/Reflect, Calm Mind, Protect, Thunderbolt/Psychic/Charge Beam, Dream Eater? (Kind of a stretch association with labotomy?), Nasty Plot, Block, Magnet Rise?, Wonder Room?, Signal Beam

Krilvolver = "B Iron Ranger" - Bullet Punch, Lock-on, Focus Energy, Flash Cannon, Taunt?, Endeavor, Helping Hand, Block, Bullet Seed,

Paraboom = "Sonic Emitter" - Boomburst, Hyper Voice, Screech, Supersonic, Signal Beam,

Emprilla = "Caeser" - Punishment, Final Gambit, Close Combat, Swagger, Bulk Up, Focus Punch, Taunt, U-Turn, Endeavor, Strength, Beat Up, Revenge, Encore, Hone Claws, Smack Down, Retaliate, Bulldoze (Must-have, because their symbol is a bull)

Herolune/Garlikid = "NCR/BOS/Courier 6?" - NCR = Endure, Wide Guard/Protect, Reversal, Roar, Endeavor, Strength, Superpower, Courier 6 = Endure, Bone Rush, Helping Hand, Return, and Swagger?

Navighast = "Salt-upon-wounds?" - Theif, Shadow Claw, Nasty Plot, Ominous Wind? Shadow Sneak?

Harptera/Gliscor = "Cazador" - Harptera  = Fury Cutter, Pursuit, Bug Buzz, Quick Attack, Acrobatics?, Toxic, Aerial Ace, Endure, Infestation, Gastro Acid. Gliscor = Toxic, Poison Jab, Fury Cutter, Guillotine?, Acrobatics?, Torment,

Tanscure = "Nightstalker" - Sudden Strike, Crunch/Bite, Scary Face, and Poison Fang

Haagross = "Centaur" - Sludge Bomb, Sticky Terrain, Astonish, Endure, Gastro Acid, Nuclear Waste/Radioacid?

Luchabra = "Super Mutant?" - Scary Face, Pursuit, Bulk Up, Close Combat, Beat Up, Brick Break, Endure, Last Resort, Infestation, Half-Life/Nuclear Slash?

Anderind/Dermafrost = "Marcus" (The super mutant at the ski lodge) - Anderind = Hail, Icy Wind/Avalanch, Thrash, Bulk Up, Brick Break, Dermafrost = Hail, Icy Wind/Avalanch, Hammer Arm/Brick Break, Bulk Up, Stomp, Superpower

Theriamp/Actan = "Deathclaw" - Theriamp = Quick Attack, Slash, Wild Charge, Dig, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Strength, Smack Down. Actan = Sudden Strike, Scary Face, Roar, Dig, Strength.

Eletruxo/Gyarados = "Hoover Dam" - Eletruxo = Hydro Pump/Waterfall, Thunderbolt, Attract, Electroweb, Thunder Wave, Frustration, Giga Impact Gyarados = Hydro Pump/Waterfall, Thunderbolt, Attract/Taunt, Frustration, Giga Impact, Thunder Wave,

S51 = "ED-E?" - (Default Levitate obviously) Iron Defense, Laser Pulse, Hidden Power Ground/Secret Power, Recycle? Charge Beam, Helping Hand.

Gellin (Solar Power ability) = "Father Elija" - Solar Beam, Acid Armor (Venturing to the sierra madre's cloud-infested region), Sunny Day, Charge Beam, Explosion (collars)

Praseopunk/Neopunk = "Mr New Vegas" - Detect, Psywave, Get Lucky, Attract, Flash, Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Voice, Signal Beam?

Baariette = "Bighorner Bull" - Stomp, Scary Face, Giga Impact, Brick Break, Strength, Rock Slide, Knock Off?

Ratsy/Raffiti = "Benny?" - Bullet Punch, Shadow Sneak, Fissure, Smokescreen, Charm, Swagger, Camoflage (for when he used the stealth boys to try and get to Caeser's camp)
▓ I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist in a world of misery.  ▓
Finally got the team of all Shiny Eeveelutions set up for Virtual Trainer Battles, the VT ID is 127059 if you ever want to fight it.
▓ I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist in a world of misery.  ▓
I created a couple more Virtual Trainers.

The first is named "PIMPNOT" an imposter version of the Youtuber PIMPNITE who has done many trolly and theme teams. (I considered naming the trainer "IMPIMPSTOR" but I felt that the other name being the same number of syllables and being easier to say worked better) Sadly, the AI often does some really bone-headed things so I was limited in what I could do and give the VT a reasonable chance to win, but it wasn't as time-consuming to set up, and it's a fun little fight if nothing else.

The greetings don't work but I set the introductory message as "If you miss the salt, it's not my fault." and tried to give as many of the mons appropriate nicknames. Sadly, although I managed to get a 69 in the trainer ID number, I didn't realize that the online ID is what matters when searching for the VT and no one would see it. I also chose Actor as the trainer since it's someone pretending to be PIMPNITE.

Anyway, the VT ID number is 152791 if you want to fight it.

Alongside that, I also created a VT themed after the Red fight at Mt Silver in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Needless to say, thinking up character-appropriate dialogue for the character was very easy...

The team is composed of Pokemon at the same level, gender, order, and has mons as close to the actual Red team with the exception of Espeon, which I replaced with Nucleon on the grounds that it otherwise would've been the only non-Uranium exclusive mon, and giving it Swift instead of Hyper Voice would make it a bit less irritating to deal with.

Let me know what you think of it if you fight it, the VT ID number is 153365
▓ I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist in a world of misery.  ▓

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