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It has been a long time since I first came here, asking for advice on my broken save file. I am a lonely person, finding it hard to make friends and connect with people, but I try everywhere I find myself. I was ready to meet new people and find my niche. But, there was few people on anymore (although I didn't know it). I tried reaching out, trying to trade with people, trying to make friends. But it did not work...

PhantomUnderYourDesk, I bred you a shiny Eevee, hoping that you would be my friend. But, in November, you stopped replying to my messages or looking at anything I posted. I wonder if I said or did anything to cause that! 
CodySP, thank you for helping me with my save file, it has enabled me to help many suffering souls on Reddit with issues they have. 
Spiritmon, I'm sorry for frightening you by my irritated comment a little while ago (I didn't know my words could frighten anyone!). Thank you for listening to me and all the other things you've done for me, although what they were escapes me at the moment. You have been very nice in offering the shiny lv100 near-perfect-stat Beliaddon, although there's nothing I can give you in exchange that would be worth it for you... 
TheTainted_Wisdom, I've read everything you've posted, heard many of your ideas and opinions, and received several wonderful pokemon friends from you. Your friendship has been invaluable to me, it has definitely helped me feel less alone in the world, and frankly, you're the reason I'm not leaving this forum forever to more active Pokemon Uranium areas (like Reddit).

I have noticed that there is almost no activity everywhere on this forum save for the roleplaying section. Therefore, I have an announcement. I will join the many who have left this forum for unknown reasons. I won't just disappear, though. I'll still ghost on and off, seeing how things are going, but I will no longer comment or post anything from now on. If anyone wants to trade with me or anything, they'll have to post it where I will be willing to reply. I don't have discord (and won't for a currently unknown length of time) so don't look for me there. 

I am tired of being largely ignored. Nothing that any of you say or do will prevent me from leaving. I am sorry it has to be this way, but this is all my fault. It is my fault for coming on a largely silent forum, naively thinking a lot of people were on here normally, and expecting to make friends with at least one person within the first 3-6 months, and trade with many more.

With that out of the way, I have a little confession to make. If any of you noticed that it was my birthday, sometime in August, well...... I lied. That's not my real birthday. And my age? That's not my real age, either. I chose both at random. And don't ask my birthday or my age either, because if I don't lie to you about it, I probably won't tell you. It's a little personal preference. 

I'm not angry at anyone on this forum. I will find people that enjoy (or at least don't mind) my company, eventually. I am now finished. This is the last post I will make, the last comment I will have, on this forum. I knew it would come to this eventually, I just didn't know when. I'm not deleting any of my comments or posts that have been previously made. I'm not quitting Pokemon Uranium. I'm not even slowing down on what I do on there. But, I am quitting here. Say what you will about my decision, what you say is up to you. Good luck to all of you on your various endeavors. We part ways, for now. Goodbye!


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Such honest words deserve to be rewarded, same with your willingness to take such a step. Good luck to you, may things go well for you then. I've sent you a PM also.
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.....Well, I'm sorry that you had to come here during the twilight days of the forums and for not being the friendly and outgoing presence I used to be, but for what's it worth, I hope you made some good memories here. Take care, wherever you may end up, mate.
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The discord is much more active, if that's what you're looking for. Good luck out there in the internets! It was nice to have you here as long as we did.
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Damn, heavy stuff. I didn't think my actions had that significant of an impact...
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