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Help Quick question about the state of updates in this game
Hello! I've been playing this game for a few months now, and been having a blast, but I have a few questions and I believe this is the place to ask them(?).
Last I checked, development by the official team stopped in around 2016, as ordered(?) by Nintendo. I've heard rumors of it still being worked on by fans and such, but I wanted to ask, just to be sure- is this true? Clearly, it's still being updated to some extent, as there are somewhat recent mystery gifts and such being made available, but I was wondering who was behind the updates, and if previously-missing content like the dual post-game legendaries and the sleeping girl sidequest will be included someday.
Sorry if this all sounds like a bunch of stupid questions, I've just been really enjoying the game and wanting to know how it's been doing.
There is still content being put together. Can't promise when, but there will be more updates in the future to fill out postgame content.
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Ah! Thank you, I was just wondering ^w^

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