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Corrupt Box data
I just tried to start the game when it says something about corrupt box data (as shown here: ). Can anyone help?
Already thank you, hfgd
Never seen that before, did you edit the game's files because that Feliger sprite looks different. Maybe you accidentally changed something other than sprite data the last time you tinkered with it? If not, and if the game was already loading a backup save then I have no clue. The only other thing I can think of is that you got something super nasty from a Wonder Trade, just because I got an international Corsola with perfect stats in a Cherish Ball once, it didn't screw with the game but maybe someone else made a mon that will mess with files just to dick with people? I have no idea.

But then again, I don't know the first thing about modifying save data or data corruption, one of the mods will probably see this and have much better insight.
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I never changed sprites. neither i used wondertrade... I just have a Mystery Gift Pokemon in my party.
there's no way to WT a virus lol.

Mods on the discord already advised hfgd about this problem. I think they're just hoping someone here will have a miracle of an idea on how to fix it.
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 I just thought maybe anyone would have an idea...

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