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Final Stardust - Pokemon Like Game(Looking For New People To Join)
Hi everyone, I am planning to make a Pokemon like game and use other inspirations like Golden Sun and Yu-Gi-Oh. I am looking for people who want to contribute to the project and make it into a full game. Here is a quick overview:

Everything I’ve done in this video has been documented on my YouTube channel. I want to build the game with a community and document the whole thing. 

Here are some random ideas that I have for now: 
-you don’t catch pokemon, you seal monsters in a card
-sealing monsters gives you xp
-4 Elemental Masters(equivalent to gym badges) Then Final Boss?(Pokemon league equivalent)
-No potions, elixir or anything like that, but using cards like in yu-gi-oh(e.g. Magic card to heal your monster)
-one special draw per battle
-Items/cards are random during battle(like in Yu-Gi-Oh)
-monsters are called planos?(something related to planets)
-4 Evolutions For The Starter Depending On Which Element He Uses(he is the only monster who has a neutral element)
-The Elemental “badges” are stars
-Every star gives you a certain power(mercure something like surf, jupiter something like fly, etc…)
-In the end, the stars fuse to let you access the final boss
-only elemental moves?
-rival is your twin brother(wants to end the world because he suffered so much or something like that)
-a background image as a transition for every place you go in(optional)
-add side quests, exclamation mark on top of player(optional)

For the art, I will be going for Pokemon's Gen 5 style with pixel art. 

The project starts Monday. I already found enough people but as they say "the more the merrier" so I will keep looking for new people until this weekend.

If you are interested, you can join the discord here:
Nour Saidana gave me permission to share his freshly-released trailer for Final Stardust in this project's thread! Have a look if you like, it has Japanese voice acting, cards, a Pokemon-y partner that can speak and lots of hype from my side.

On that note, he no longer looks for people to contribute and is instead working together with freelancers for the images, sprites etc. A kickstarter aiming fund all the technical aspects (coding etc.) is planned to be launched on 1st December, the link to the page is in the description of the trailer if interested.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

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