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1.0.4E Patch : fatal error
Hello fellow players,

This morning, I open my patcher and proceed to install the new patch 1.0.4E. Everything goes fine during the download until the "Processing downloaded patches...". There, I get a first error message saying "Unknown error : PU_patch104E.rar" and then another one pops-up saying "Fatal error PU_patch104E.rar". After that, the patcher crashes. 

In my Pokemon Uranium folder, a new file appeared, called "PU_patch104.rar", but I can't open it. 

I should mention I'm playing the game with Wine, on a MacBook Pro mid-2012. 

Does anybody have the same problem, or any solution to bring? Thanks in advance guys!

I should also mention that I tried re-installing both the patcher AND the whole game. However, the installation won't even finish, I'm being stuck on the "Moving files" part of the installation.
I had no problem patching and playing, but this is certainly worth bringing to @ReeNormies' attention
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We don't generally support running the game in WINE but if you were able to patch before my guess would be that the patch file got corrupted. Try deleting PU_patch104.rar and running the patcher again.

So I tried to do what you told me, I delete the file, re-run the patcher, but eventually it didn't work.
I tried another time today, after the next patch was released, the H one. So patch 1.0.4E gets downloaded, then patch 1.0.4H gets downloaded too, but when it comes to actually processing the PU_patch104E.rar, the patcher displays the same messages as before...

Maybe the patch file 104E I get is corrupted? Is there a way to fix that?

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