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Latest unofficial patch bug?
So,I've been using the unofficial patcher to go online/get patches and stuff.
After the last patch update,I took on the Bealbeach city gym.
When I tried to battle the fisherman before the gym leader,this message popped up following his dialogue:

You deserve this.

What on earth is this?It happened again once i reloaded my save while trying to battle the gym leader,skipping the battle entirely and giving me the badge.
There are some battles, that crash your game when you loose to them, I think the Fisherman was one of them. So Androziel seems to made this workaround for it, preventing players to crash their games.
Was only the fisherman skipped or even the leader?
there's a bug reporting thread that Andro checks frequently in Help Desk section, you could post this there as it's more appropriate anyway. In addition, if you believe this has anything to do with the latest patch, posting about it in the thread itself in the official announcement of the patch release is also acceptable
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It appears there was a new patch several minutes ago that should fix that bug according to a mod on reddit.I will make a new post on the help desk if the bug perists.

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