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Pokemon Glass
So, as the title implies, I’ve got a fangame in development at the moment! I’m not requesting any developers/beta testers with this, I’m just interested in seeing what people have to think about the game! (I’m also pretty excited to talk about it and don’t have many people to discuss it with)  

A little warning-I tend to think mostly through writing out my ideas, so there’s an awful lot of text under these headers. If you don’t feel like reading through a wall of text, I’d recommend just looking through what subjects interest you.

Currently, I’m not in need of any help in creating the project. We are a bit short on visuals at the moment (for which I apologize-I know very few people like to read big walls of text like I post!)-but we will be able to create them. This doesn’t mean I’ll turn down any offers for help, of course, but I don’t want to anyone to feel like they have to do work for someone else’s project. (I mean, it’s normal that people do work for other people, but usually they’re getting some form of payment) I’d much prefer to know that someone’s helping out just because it gives them something they enjoy doing.

Thanks for checking this thread out! I hope you found something you enjoyed!
The choice of starters is pretty cool, I often envisioned there being a light type, and thus I wish you luck in your project.
Thank you! I really appreciate the support!
When can we get visuals on the starters and evolutions? Having nineteen starters is definitely a draw for me!
I must say, its a ambicious and marvelous fangame. This history for himself have such deep, emotioness, and mistery in the basic sinopse. And the characters look very interesting. One of the things i most like its the League system, who make the "Gym Leaders" have a more important role, and i like the idea about judges. The only think i dont want its Starters can be found in the wild, since they supose to be, well, rare. Its something who make him special, something you would supose to find normally. Unless you make that starters be very extremelly rare in the wild, around 1% or 5% to find (yes, its very low the chance to find, but since they are Starters, the journey to find them would be a challenge). And i simple love the idea of a Starter to each type. And the idea about the new types, Light and Glich. But i think Fairy can be already consider as Light type, i think, but i love the concept. Please update us with new informations about this fangame, i get excited just to think about it Big Grin
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Haha, thank you, I'm very happy to hear you like it!  Smile

For now, the starters will be low-encounter and found in later-game areas. I want to keep them rare, but I also don't want to make it impossible to complete the PokeDex. Maybe instead they could be given as gift Pokemon?

The Fairy type does have a lot of association with Light, but I think I can make them work slightly differently in themes. Here's what I've got mapped out for now:
  • The Fairy type can be quite mischievous sometimes, but the Light types tend to see things in a black-and-white morality. (this isn't always the case for either type, but it does affect some Pokemon's behavior)
  • Though Fairy-types are associated with moonlight, this will be made more because of the moon's mysterious nature than the light it gives off. (which, technically, the moon doesn't give off light but instead reflects it-which might be another way to make the two more distinct, I'm not sure) It can be considered that the Fairy-types are kind of manipulating another type's properties, similar to how Fairy Wind could be considered manipulating Flying-type's powers and Flower Shield that of Grass-types.
  • Light types are able to manipulate the properties of Light a little more-reflection and color might come into play a bit.
The Fairy type definitely has an association with light already, so I'm going to try to expand more on the fae folk/magic aspect of it to keep it distinct.
(12-30-2016, 02:43 AM)Cataclyptic Wrote: When can we get visuals on the starters and evolutions? Having nineteen starters is definitely a draw for me!
If you mean descriptions of their appearances, I could probably get to work on that, but if you mean sprites/sketches, that may take a bit. I've got a base for some of them going, but they're not quite there yet. I'll be sure to get to work on them soon, I'm glad to know that interests you!
If you ever want help, I'm something of a game designer myself. I abandoned a Pokemon fangame idea to work on an actual own game, but I have some assets (including a gen IV tileset I've been upconverting to 32x32 resolution-it looks great) and I've put a great deal of thought into how to alter mechanics to make a Pokemon game feel more immersive.

Oh, and here are some sample before/after shots for the tileset I've been working on. I don't have any personal use for it at the present.
[Image: hd_tiles_2_by_polarissb-datkkkq.png][Image: hd_tiles_3_by_polarissb-datkkkn.png][Image: hd_tiles_4_by_polarissb-datkllb.png][Image: hd_tiles_by_polarissb-datkkkf.png]
With pretty tilesets like that, I wonder how good an original project by you would be, Polaris?

This project is interesting, but I need more time to mull over the detail before I can come to a proper critic of it. Don't want to go in half cocked, after all~
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I don't know about the original project tbh. I have it as a basic RPG, but I want a far, far more ambitious 3D bullet hell-style version (you'd play as a canine/feline animal of some kind and be dodging over, under, and around enemy attacks nonstop in order to reach them) that I'd need to get a lot of animation talent to help me with (probably take it to an existing game studio). And I'm in college, and I'm gearing up to write a pair of novels. Not a lot of time for it at the moment.
Woah, @Polaris, those tilesets are amazing! If I get the need and you have the time, I'd love for you to help out! And if you're okay with sharing them, I'd love to hear more about both your Pokemon mechanic ideas and your RPG!

(12-30-2016, 04:12 PM)Lord Windos Wrote: This project is interesting, but I need more time to mull over the detail before I can come to a proper critic of it. Don't want to go in half cocked, after all~
Oh, definitely-it's in a very early beta, so a solid opinion is hard to form.

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