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[Game thread] Skull Ruins Pokerole
Table of Contents
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Game Calendar
Today: Sunday, June 18, 2017
Day: 92
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Not currently accepting members.

Rules dump:
[Image: 7b128de91e5349e5a6b11dbf849117c0.png]

The story so far

It's storming in Trillium Town. Rain hisses down on Mt Molten behind the little town, raising great clouds of steam. Portents and shadowy monster forms appear in the superheated vapor, then quickly dissipate, as ephemeral as a glimpse of Chansey. Mt. Molten's shadow over the town is scarcely visible in the darkness of the storm.

Water fills the storm drains that crisscross the town. Children play with their parents' Marill or Wooper in the raging culverts. A sodden policeman holds an umbrella for his loyal Growlithe, ensuring the children are safe with his watchful gaze. The town is known to be perfectly safe, however, as long as one does not trespass on the roots of Mt. Molten embracing the outskirts of town or the Long Grass marking its borders.

The inhabitants do not linger in the downpour amid the lightning flashes, but hurry about their business. And so must you.

You all run into each other at Mallorn's Canteen and Laboratory ("Interregional trade goods and cutting edge research at competitive prices").

It's a sprawling construction of hastily constructed timber additions, shanties almost, growing out of a nicer concrete building like mushrooms from a Paras.

Mallorn's symbol, posted over every entrance and on posters inside, is a Rapidash in mid leap. The Rapidash is wearing a brown hat like a deliveryman and a cartoonish grin. It is giving a thumbs up.

The Professor is not on time for his meeting with you. The receptionist guides you to his location in the back, and he turns to greet you all with a smile.

Professor Mallorn is wearing a set of mechanical goggles, adjusting themselves automatically to focus on the dismantled Pokeball he was fidgeting with. He seldom removes these. He's also wearing a labcoat over a brown and red uniform, with the same Rapidash logo across the breast pocket.

"Ah! You've arrived. I have something for each and every one of you!"

"Shiva, how are you? For you, I have a job offer. You wouldn't be working for me, though - I have Vincent for that. There's a couple trying to start a Daycare Center in Ginger Town, a bit southeast of here, and they are looking for someone to give them some tips. The pay is $900 for a three day advisory stint. It's perfectly fine if you're not interested, boss; I didn't stake anything on it. How do you feel about that?"

"Ventus, I have something you'll love: Paperwork!! These are special stamps for your visa, boss. They prove you are an academic and have the Pokemon League's permission to visit three special places, three permit stamps. 
The first is for the Safari Zone in Teazel Valley, where people and Pokemon have only minimal contact. 
Next is a stamp for the living Zen Garden in Charring Cross, where people manage Pokemon intensely. 
Finally, a stamp for the National Preserve in the Hog Potato Swamp, where Pokemon are not managed at all (and catching is forbidden except for research purposes!) This stamp allows you one catch, so use it wisely. Might also get a glimpse of the indigenous folk of the swamp, but I must warn you they don't recognize the League's authority.

You are also allowed to bring a few companions with you to any of these, but you're responsible for their actions within restricted areas. I had to pull a lot of strings to get these for you, so don't let me down, boss!"

"Vincent, you don't get anything special, since you're my assistant and a grown man who can provide for himself. But I have two jobs for you. One is to look after this group for a while until they find their feet. There are many dangers in Creshire. Additionally, I'd like you to take this Egg. Eggs hatch fastest when they travel with other Pokemon, especially Fire Pokemon. A Growlithe isn't as good as a Magmar or Slugma but it's still better than any other elemental type, and fiercely loyal, as you well know. Let me know if it hatches, and if you're near Telperion University I want you to show the Egg/baby to Professor Quickbeam there."

He hands you a white egg with big black spots.

"We have no clue what species this is; must not be from around here."

"Nate, your reputation precedes you. For you I have a public key for Mallorn's PC. Now, most Pokemon are sent to Bill's International PC Network (BIPN), but someone with the right know-how can send them elsewhere. My public key is KzPN78nn&Vtc100997878. The port is 9010. You are welcome to telnet to 1 box of my PC instead of the BIPN, or whatever you call it. Pokemon in my PC, I can study or groom or even train for a price. You know, I just will have easier access to them. Pokemon in the BIPN are automatically given just the most basic machine care, using the same tech as the Pokecenters. But I suppose you already know all about that, eh boss?"

"Nathan, I have no tangible gifts or monetary prospects for you, boss. I do have some information though, about your Ralts. You see, I've been working with the other Professors of the League on the new Pokedex, which is more or less done (though it can always use more data! I'll give you $50 per species you catch as a party) Try not to get distracted, Mallorn! As I was trying to get at, a group called the Almanac has been selling cheap, shady alternatives to the Pokedex. Within its pages are things one couldn't possibly know without conducting abusive, horrible, cruel, unethical, quasi-legal experiments on Pokemon, including a sizable new entry on Ralts under duress. You must never support this monstrous rival corporation to Mallorn's Canteen. Their HQ is in Stair City. I also recommend you boycott the Department Store there, for they carry the Almanac too."

"Which leads me to my next point: to undercut the Almanac, I'm selling Pokedex for a mere $1300. An absolute steal and you won't beat it anywhere. In addition to knowing lots about Pokemon (with a few out of date figures), the official League Pokedex can stop a Pokemon's evolution. It has a black and white camera. It allows trading Pokemon and switching Pokeball registration without a PC. Has a phone, a radio, a TV. Very useful. How many can I put you down for, boss?"

"I've also got a Full Heal and a Potion for each of you. It's very important you carry at least an Antidote at all times; I cannot stress this enough. There's no PokeMart in Trillium Town but you can buy supplies from me."

He also hands each of you three empty Pokeballs, popping them open to familiarize you with their function: the shiny Seal or button, the holographic intricate circuitry of the Capture Net inside, the way to shrink the balls for easier carrying.

"What's that? I have Pokemon for you? You're right, boss, I almost forgot. You must have been so impatient! It's certainly an exciting time in a new Trainer's life."

Mallorn pries open a large crate, which contains a few Pokeballs rattling around loose. He hands them to those of you who ordered a starter.
"The League suggests that all first Pokemon hold an Oran Berry, so that's in there too!"

"Now, what else can I do for you fine trainers?"
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
He lets his mind wander momentarily, choosing to focus on the staccato drumming of the rain on the roof, choosing to focus on that rather than ponder the absurdity of the request. It didn't surprise him in the least though - the Prof' had always been one to place a focus on profit first... sometimes, a touch too eagerly.

As if sensing his mood, Winston edged closer protectively, and he reflexively reached down to scratch him behind the ears.

It's business. Nothing personal. Nothing's ever personal with the Prof.

Massaging his temples as if to grind away his ill humor, he fishes his wallet from a jacket pocket, unceremoniously plonking down a tight wad of notes. Forcing the ill-humor of being browbeaten into buying his own research supplies from his mind with a defeated slump, he manages something of an even tone as he forces a tired grin.

"Not exactly how I intended to be spending my first paycheck, Doc. Take the Pokedex, Antidote and a case of supplies."

Retrieving a worn police notebook from his breast pocket in a practiced motion, he jots down a basic outline of the Prof's instructions, taking special care to underline "Telperion University" and "Professor Quickbeam" before unceremoniously stuffing it back and unslinging the grotty, stained hiking pack from his shoulder.

Limping to a side table to secure his gear, Winston, trots along behind him, the clicking footsteps of claws on concrete barely audible across the room through the drumming rain.
"Thank you, Vincent. I'll be sure to send you the upgrade when it's finished."
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
You ask how she's doing? … Insecure. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Along with like five feelings that can't even be named properly. Sure, she arrived some days earlier in Trillium to get to know the surroundings before actually having an appointment in the local lab, but it still cannot be helped. Yet she tries to at least look confident to the outside. She was absolutely not expecting so meet four additional people there who appearantly share her state, the age difference and complexity of this party surely was something to write home about it.

Trillium itself was a pretty neat place though. Somehow small for her taste, but this might be because she's used to Castelia's skyscrapers. Everything was a little bigger in the city.

Eh... I guess I could try that... That job, I mean. It's southeast from here, that does mean I do not have to pass those mountains seen at the horizon, right?“

Nope, honestly, she could use that money. For her own Pokedex, the real one... Oh, sweet modern technology...

You still have Antidotes stored then? Because... Cottonee... Poison... Fairy/Grass... I can heal a little via Absorb luckily but that doesn't save me from Toxins!
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
"Boss, I can acquire just about any item given enough time and money. And anything you could find in a Pokemart, I always have a huge stock of.
Don't forget I gave each of you a full heal, too, but maybe you should save that for emergencies.
You can get to Ginger Town without traversing Breakneck Ridge or crossing the Great Divide, but you will have to cross the Great River Greenbriar a few times. Luckily, there are free bridges at every point along Route 1!"

Item prices can be easily found in your Inventory tab of your character sheet. Just announce in the thread whenever you buy something, or in a PM if you need to be discreet.
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Ventus clapped his hands to together, tilting his head with a smile on his face. "Well, when I came here to conduct my research, I didn't expect you to pull out all the stops for me! I'll happily accept these, Dr. Mallorn." With that said, he retrieved the visas, when he stopped and examined the Proffessor. Glancing over at him and his somewhat haggard condition, a worried frown stretch across his face. "Dr. Mallorn, have you been taking care of yourself? You look like you have gotten a good nights sleep in ages! Wait, if you have been working non-stop, you must not have gotten a real meal as well! Oh dear!"

Looking a little flustered, Ventus looked away from Mallord for a moment, and begun to search his satchel for something. A few seconds later, he pulled out a boxed lunch and handed it over to Mallorn. "Here, take this. I've made it during my trip here to tide me over until I found somewhere to shop, but you clearly need it more," they said, sighing in apparent worry. " I shouldn't have to say this, but please take care of yourself more. I know very well of getting invested in a project, but that is no excuse to run yourself raggad!"

With that problem, real or not, solved, Ventus noticed that Vincent was preparing to head out. He decided to go over and greet him, leaving the Proffessor with his lunch and the rest of the gathering. While he was a bit curious about Nathan and his connection to that ghastly group, he wanted to get to know his 'handler', if he were to call him anything. From what he saw, he and his Growlith seem to be finely in tune with one another's attitudes, something he didn't expect to see from someone just starting out on his adventure. 'Perhaps there is a story behind this, hmmm. I guess I get a head start on my research! Hopefully I'll not only learn something new, but make a friend as well!' Ventus thought, approaching him and his Growlith.

Standing a respectful distance away, so as not to provoke the dog Pokémon, he introduced himself. "Salutations, my friend! While you have heard my name already, I'd like to formally introduce myself as Ventus Zackarieh, a sociologist from Unova.
I research Pokemon like Dr. Mallorn, but I focus more on their behavior and the social interactions between Pokemon. I also aspire to gain more insight on the relationship between Pokemon and Humans as well, so I have quite the workload to tackle! Hopefully we will become close friends on this journey!" Ventus grasped his hand together, looking inquistingly at Vincent.
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