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Crazy idea about Uranium Android
Hi everyone. Spiritmon here. Well, for quite a while my PC is broken and I could do is use my cell phone to access the internet, but couldn't use my game. So I was dreaming about one crazy: One way to play Pokemon Uranium using the cell phone. I know, I know, it's impossible to do that because of change the program inside the game, the code and everything. And to don't mention to create two server: One of the PC and the other in fone. But a guy can dream isn't. So I would like to make a little discussion here.
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Is your PC completely unable to work, or can it just not access the internet? Uranium can still be played without an internet connection.

An additional server for a mobile version of Uranium wouldn't really make much sense. Servers are mostly just for trading-as long as there's a way to convert the Pokemon data between games, there's no need to pay for a whole extra server.
well this could be a good idea as a majority of pokemon fans are on phones right now and this would put Pokemon Uranium on top as best fan made game (or just expand the fan base a bit) but the problem is some people would copy off of the app and make there own which would kill the game on mobile

but other than that this could be a good project just to try on mobile as some one here might be able to make 2 gyms with a pokedex of 50
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