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Celadon City Post-Campaigh: Arial
First things first, with Kellyn, Arial doesnt have very much to say more about his almost creppy thing about ask number. He also happy to Viktor had accept his future challenge. Who knows? Be friend with a champion might be a good chance of change the page of his life. Not to mention have the chance in face either Actan or Urayne, since Viktor both own two Legendary Pokemon! Arial knows that because he was there in the day when Curie attack Mount Actan.

"No problemo Mr Kellyn. When got the chance, gonna go to Venesi City to train there. It is a beautiful City. Again, thanks for everything."

With that done, Arial was quite happy to finally walk in his city. And to at least have lighten things a bit between him and Gaspar. The bond with his family it is one of the most things important in Arial life, along with his new love Riza.

Arial was also happy in see his brothers and sister having fun in their home. He feel bad in keep Sekmet in her Pokeball, but more than ever he need to be careful. It has been only a year since the Nuclear Crisis, and having a literal walking Nuclear Reactor it is not a good thing to do. When they settle down, and find a building to rest, he gonna give all the love the nuclear bug deserve, along with all his Pokemon.

Arial do notices Airmid looking at the beach, and he smile to her. He pat her head and say a few words to her. "Heh. I see you like my home city beachs huh? Welcome to my home Region Tandor Airmid. And to my home city, Bealbeach City. I promise when we have time, we gonna take a trip to the Beach alright? Tomorrow I mean. Lets just buy some good Coconut Milk, have a place to rest, and then discuss some plans for the future. I will buy you a special Coconut Milk with Chocolate."

With Riza not able to wake, he sigh a bit, but was happy to see that at least, she is having good dreams. Arial just cant wait to see her awake again and tell the news! Well...the good ones at least, but not very much the bad ones.

With the whole Arial slap thing, Arial felt weird with the whole thing. Is Arial arm just get though her like she was some sort of ghost or more like go though a jelly? And is his arm simple stuck in her chest or can he freelly take out? Because if not he will just say to one of his mons. "Uh Asura? Could you lend me a help here? My arm is stuck, and this is very weird. I dont want to go to jail for someone think this is some kind of sexual harrasment or something. And Riza will problably kill me if she see this scene and have the wrong idea." Please dont awake Riza in this awkward moment Windos. This would be the WORSE hour to her to awake and see her boyfriend on a weird position and explain these weird things. 
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Now for the next stage, since Riza is sleeping, Arial ask Riza mons to protect the area in case of enemy spot. "Just...don't go into fight or something like that. Just keep a look around and make sure to not be see. If they really come where we are just come to alert me." In that case, he is talking with Riza most stealth Pokemon, Shedinja. "Also...thank you for that Final Gambit. You were amazing."

Arial loose air for a second with Gaspar punch, feeling the blood drip a bit. He then let Gaspar use all his rage on him. He deserves that. Arial deserve all the punishment he is receiving from his brother, and he knows that. 

He doesn't feel any pleasure in this beat up. He listens to every word of Gaspar. He agree with everything his brother say. It is too late to regret, and it is his fault. 

He felt nearly fainted after be beat up. What hurt more was Gaspar words, instead of the said beat up. Because they have true. Arial was ready to receive more punishment, but Gaspar hug, and kind words was enough to leave Arial astonished. He hear that words, and then a few tears begin to roll in his eyes. Both of regret but also joy to hear Gaspar words.

He smiled and return the hug of his brother. "Heh, I sorry for be a knucklehead. I wish things was before. Me, you, our brothers and our father against the world. It was easier. Thank you...I also love you brother. I will not forget this beat up. I deserve everything. We gonna be happy. I will make sure of it…"

He tight the hug, to increase the strength of his promise. "Also...can I request something Gaspar? Can you…take another form instead of our deceased father? I didn't get the chance but...calling my brother with my old man face it is...strange and make me feel a little weird. The voice is okay, since you are my older brother...not old as Baltazar though who might have centuries of space life. Don't tell him I said that. You know he don't like they ask his age. He spin me like a wheel last time I make a old man pun."

And that's old Arial. Always cheerful spirit, capable of see light even in the most darkest situations.

Arial was capable of stand up (although with some difficult), and consider every point his brother said. "Hmm, true. Not to mention taking a Rocket Final Gambit in the chest from Insectpector...who literally open a whole in that thing and was still alive! I gladly thought Sekmet didn't corrupt Necrozma though...One Legendary Nuclear Pokemon is enough, thanks very much."

Arial sigh with the next part. "Yep...things could be so much easier if I just had pull the trigger...We find a way to deal with her future problems like you said. I figured out a way to deal with her. The Master Chain will at least give us some time to figure out what to do."

"That sounds like a plan. And I know where to go from here: Venesi City. Like Kellyn said, the Gym Leader there could help you train your new Psychic side. And the best part: There is a boat in Bealbeach City who go from this City to Venesi City (just like in Pokemon Uranium game). We could also use the train to go there. With some luck, they might have make a path to there, or at least close enough. We have plenty of options. We need to discover the full extension of your powers. We like Reiner and Mew now. But we are less grumpy and more beautiful."

Arial shiver a lot. "Tell me about it. I only see her once and that was enough for me tell she is bad news. She is pretty similar to me in terms of craziness, but her madness and chaos was more like Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and there is that Gardevoir who still have a Vendetta against us, with a crazy child. I feel we might see her again, so we better watch our backs. I just hope she go after Reiner first. Nothing personal against him, but it was him who kill her partner and her Gallade, so she probably gonna after him first. And you and I know he is strong enough to protect himself."

"Just in case though…Before we get out of Celadon City, I sent a call to a old friend of mine who owe me a favor, to be Reiner new bodyguard. I not a ungrateful bastard to send Reiner to the Lions without a minimum protection. And trust me: That guy is pretty strong. You and I see what he is capable of. It might take a while to him catch up with Reiner, but he will meet him eventually."

"Until there...I agree with the plan of Ultra Teleport everyone. I just don't wanna go to some universe where Curie win and turn the world into a Nuclear Armageddon. That would be terrific to both of us. And I doubt she have a way to travel the Multiverse. Unless she have a Ultra Beast or other methods of Ultra Teleport, but pffft. That's impossible right? Right?"

"About what we should do now? First, we must find a job. I have some money, but we don't have anymore Team Rocket monetary help...I have a few ideas. Professor Bamboo was been working with Nuclear Pokemon projects after the Nuclear Crisis, and since we have Sekmet with us, we could offer our help as lab assistant or something since she can listen to me. We need to ask her opinion though, since last science thing she participate...don't end well, so we need to be careful. Not to mention he can help us get a license to carry a Nuclear Pokemon."

"But we can also show your Ultra Teleport abilities, and maybe use that FOR SCIENCE! reasons. I heard there is a professor in Alola who works with this Multiverse thing. I read a paper new about it once."
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(09-28-2019, 06:20 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

And what fun they were having! Baltazar was zipping through the air and re-acquainting itself with Bealbeach's architecture with nostalgic interest, Melchior and Asura were smiling and prancing around like the place like they were kings of the city, Zeus was messing around with a nearby lamp post with happy *Bzzzrting!*, and all of them doing various things in the name of homecoming/touristy fun! It was quite a heartwarming sight, as evident by some passerbys giving your partners fond looks, but reality unfortunately sets in at this point when you realize that many more are starring at you with looks of concern, interest, and occasionally alarm/irritation due to your Pokemon's said antics. 

Guess having your whole family out and unchecked made for a bit of a distracting sideshow, one that didn't sit quite well with everyone. Especially when you consider you also had two passed out women riding on Gaspar right beside you (Who too was also realizing with equal parts chagrin  and displeasure the same as you). Woops. Mayhaps it be time for you to beat a hasty retreat to the market before finding someplace to squat, yeah?

One last thing to note before then, though: Airmid very much appreciated your willingness to indulge her, bouncing up and down and letting out a series of chipper and excited burbles with dazzling, eager eyes, before she got a handle of herself and calmed down, looking faintly embarrassed with her unprofessional outburst but still very much pleased. Tomorrow's beach day, then, and you had a feeling the heartfelt cleric was certainly going to make you deliver on it, one way or another!


Arial's arm is inside of the humanized beast, to put it plainly. Easy for him to tell, since he's most certainly not feeling the bedding beneath her, and the fact that he was shoulder deep into her body instead of half way to the elbow.

When you make to pull out your arm, it comes smoothly out of Necrozma with the same resistance as it went in (ie: none), though you immediately noticed something happened to it while crammed into her chest: it now had a soft yellow/pink and glimmering glow surrounding it. One that carried with it that same pleasant warmth to it, and which persisted even after a couple of minutes of staring at it, but did dim somewhat into a hazy and sparkling aura that was hard to see in direct light light. 

From what your mad mind can deduce, it appears you managed to somehow partly entered the sealed God(dess) of Light and steal a bit of their.....well, light. Huh.

Oh, and worry not, Riza still is passed out, blissfully unaware that her mate got a bit of touching heart to heart with his slave  bound servant! What a relief!

(Sorry for being late with this post Spirit, but a lot of work dogpilled me when I least expected it. Expect the next post to get a reply sometime tomorrow, hopefully!)
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(No problemo Windos! I have the next post ready, but I wait for you to post. Take your time.)
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(09-28-2019, 07:26 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

All of your girlfriend's Bug agree to your request, though reluctantly
 in the case of Blooderfly and Dragonfighter. Not because they didn't want to obey you (or felt they must because your their mistress' mate), but rather you restricting their options to plan non-violence. Those two were the most blood thirsty and viscous of Riza's hive, so be strictly related to sentry duty was a major buzz kill for them. Still, better than them maiming or murdering and eating some potentially poor and unsuspecting innocent also looking for a place to stay.....

Insectspector (The Shedinja) doesn't visibly react to your praise and gratitude (Or if they did, you couldn't tell), but strangely enough you could feel a fleeting, sudden sense of satisfaction coming from them, along with an empty sensation that somehow spoke of......acceptance? You're not quite sure what vibe their giving off (or possibly trying to convey to you), but at least they don't seem unhappy with their performance against think.


"You damn right you better be sorry! *Quiets down* .......Yeah, me too brother. Me too. *Sighs* ....We have to make do what we have and what we are now, though, for better and worse. We've always manage to tough out the worst and still be grinning, and by new shiny chrome mane we always will. God damn count on it. .....Heh, and of course I love ya too, you blockhead. Thought that would go without saying now, but I guess its nice to hear it every now and again....."

Your request is meet with a slightly befuddled look from your the currently mimic turned father copy, before he shrugged and let you go, stepping back and his form glowing a blinding white as he Transformed into.....a copy of you. Only taller, with grey white hair, and somehow more ruggedly handsome.

"This form alright with ya? Since I am your older brother and a copy cat, why not become an older looking twin of yours? *Shrugs* 'Fraid I can't do anything about the Assist voice, though. Seems like its set in stone for me for now. Maybe I can work out something later with my new Legendary powers, but eh, that isn't a priority for me. *Smiles, and then winks* Ah, and don't worry. Won't tell Baltazar about you calling him the oldest geezer that ever was. Promise."


"Wait, what? That empty little husk did what? You serious? What the fuck happened while I was conked out and you finished off that overgrown night light?"

You are suddenly reminded of the fact that Gaspar largely missed out on the rest of the epic and titanic Fight against, and therefore knows mostly bugger all about it after being KOed. Perhaps you can fill him in now or later?

Moving on, your metamorphic mate agreed with you totally about what should have been Necrozma's fate (It was his opinion first, after all), and seemed confidant that between you and the rest of the extended family something could be done about her. As for training his newfound powers....

"Venesi City? sure about that, brother? Don't know if you remember or not, but the last time we were there some major shenanigans were had by us and a bunch of pirates we decided to help for a lark and a portion of the plunder they'd be making. That, and didn't the Gym Leader try to force ya to take part in some play of their's or something, and that lead them to chasing ya around town and you causing afformentioned shenanigans. I mean, it's been ages since we been there, so maybe we won't attract any heat if we pay the city a visit, but is that a risk we're willing to take?"


"*Shivers* .....Let's just stop talking about her, alright? That Gardevoir, though.....*Shakes head*......I don't think they'll be a problem for me or that cracky frowney bastard. Call it a gut feeling, but I think she'll be more concerned ensuring her Trainer's 'Legacy' is preserved, rather than try to head hunt us. Even if you're madder than a Crobat on LSD, a Pokemon still has some self preservation instinct in them, and going after the fella that iced the rest of your family is not just a mad idea, but a bad one too if you have any long term plans. They ain't the Joker or you, so they don't have the ability to survive anything, no matter how unlikely or impossible it'd be. That, and from what I gathered they wouldn't be focusing on you too much anyway - you got taken out like a chump by that Juliet woman, while Reiner and his pet fox did the killing. If they have a Grudge or vendetta against anyone, it'd be him, not you."


Gaspar looks somewhat surprised at that decision of yours, giving you an incredulous look while manifesting/Transforming a part of himself into a pair of sudden glasses to tilt them upwards to emphasis said look.

"You called in him to defend Reiner? Don't cha think that's a bit overkill? And do you realize how hard it was to get the couple favors he owes us? *Shakes his had and mumbles* I swear, the motherload of shit we went through with him, and how close he was to dicing us up into fritters.... *Sighs, then Shrugs* Well, if that's what you've done, so be it. Hopefully he'll get along better with Reiner than we ever did, or the two don't end up trying to kill each other to death over their pridefulness."


"Super! And god, I hope you're right."


"Hmm.....that's a good idea, but we'll have to come up with an explanation as to how and why we caught Sekmet in the first place, and why she's so tame and friendly with ya too. Otherwise, he might just call the Rangers on us for poaching a dangerous Nucmon from a Hotzone and trying to get away with it after the fact. Rather not become a fugitive again in our home region, brother, you know? At least, not for such a stupid reason like that."

" about we not do that, k? I rather keep a low profile on the fact I'm a LEGENDARY POKEMON now so we don't catch unwanted attention from the League or the Rangers, nor put up with anyone that would try to harass us or worse because of my status. Last thing we need is fanboys, the paparazzi, or the government hounding us, nor some hotshot punks or another criminal organization like Team Rocket gunning for you to try and claim me, and the HUGE mess all that would entail.....

"Speaking with a Professor of another region, though? Hmm....that might work out better. That lot usually keeps a tight lid on things and are nice enough from I remember, and getting a job with them might pan out well, provided we set up fair terms of employment for us. 'Course, if I remember correctly the Legendary I am now - man, still not used to that - is sort of a big deal there in Alola, so there's no telling how the public or local heroes might react to us if they catch wind we've strolled onto the block. Maybe they treat us alright or like gods among men and Pokemon, or maybe we'd end up with the local authorities and a ragtag bunch chomping at the bit to get at us. *Shrugs* It's a gamble, and we tend to attract all sorts of interesting crap anyway, so who knows?"
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@Lord Windos
Arial was quite happy in see his family's enjoying the return to Tandor (or meeting for the first time with others). He also was gladly in see some people don't mind the family antics. Even with the ones who get irritated, he simple wave to them, almost saying: I don't give a damn what you think. Me and my family be though lot of Taurus shit, so let us have our happy moment thank you very much! Of course, he didn't said that loud, but his smile and waving hand probably deliver the message. He however stop his Pokemon a moment to have a conversation.

"Guys, I happy we finally here. After so long, were in home. And I happy to not be the only one. But...let's not cause a ruckus here okay? We in good terms with Kellyn, and we better avoid some angry old geezer call cops or Rangers for "Disturb the peace" or something. A few people don't like see someone happiness in return they're home after many years." Arial give the ones giving nasty looks to them a gaze who say: Move along. I talking with my family. "You all can still stay out, but let's not cause ruckus alright?" 

"Let's head to the market to buy the coconut milk and head out to rest. I also need to buy a new phone. I want to enter in contact with Nellygator. It's been a while since she and I talk, and I want to hear how is the training of Carracosta. And talk about how is she going in the League."

Taking this opportunity while they are walking, Arial decided to have a psychic conversation with Baltazar. He is curious to see the type of voice of Baltazar. "So...we finally here. A few things had changed, but it is more or less the same. Even the people. There are things who unfortunately don't change right…"

He looks to some buildings and remember a few important things. "Heh, the main mall of Bealbeach is the biggest of all Tandor if I recall. The lotery is there if I remember. Orlando and you was always there trying to get lucky. The lotery was always your weakness my wise king."

"The each day number you could get a random item: Big Root. Exp. Share. Ultra Balls...along with the biggest prize, a Master Ball. Unfortunately, the chance of getting such rare item is pretty low, and I remember Orlando trying everyday to get one. We could be rich with only one. And by the time we out of this country, they might have add other things there. Hmmm...we could try our luck there later."

"And let's not forget the other things in the mall: Evolution Stones to evolve most Pokemon. Everstones. The hall of TMS, where you have options to buy many kinds of TMs. The items hall. And the random one, where they sell random rare items there... sometimes even Mega Stones. Oh boy, I was tempted back there to take there to me, but heh, security is strong. Do you think they add new nice things? Z-moves perhaps? With the connections Bealbeach have to afford such times, I don't doubt. We could take a look there and see what they have. With this glove, there is not limit or Z-Power or Mega Evolution. And you guys could get a few boosts of Held Items or Z-moves. Gaspar Z-Move is way to much terrifying to use it."

"Oh, and let's not forget the cassino. Ah the Cassino, where if you get luck with many tickets you can get a Dramasite or S51-A Mega Stones. Or even Pokemon like Tracton where they be treat well."

" know, I could try to begin to win some tickets there with Riza. Having a nice Steel/Dragon could be perfect to us. Another strong Steel Pokemon and a Dragon! Heh, with so many steel types in my group I beginning to question if I should open a Steel Gym. And maybe they get new prizes. Maybe there a bug there as reward? Riza could use a new bug Pokemon to her side. Maybe a Scyther. Or perhaps it's evolution, a Scizor! With the ring Spiritmon give to me, she could get a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve him."

"But guess we have to wait that. We could also hunt a Fire or Water Pokemon. We have Grass, Electric and healer water. A fire could complete our Trinity."

Ah, so many things, and so little time to do everything. Arial have indeed great plans in-store to do in the home they get. Maybe I should begin make a list later.
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Arial take a moment to see the strange light coming out of his hand. And when it disappear he wave his hand. "Huh. We find something interesting. Might sploit that in the future." When he was silent for a few minutes, he feel something touching his head. He was curious and then turn his neck to see Sekmet, looking at him and nuzzle her head with Arial body. 

He takes his guard down, but he smiled at her nuclear disaster, and give cuddling to her nuclear Pokemon. "Heh, sorry sister. Things get complicated...sorry in not release you sooner. Tandor is a complicated region since people still afraid Nuclear Pokemon. If we get a license to carry you in public this could help things a bit…"

Seeing his master with his form enemy, Melchior approach Arial and sit down too in Arial lap. The steel lince and the nuclear bug stare each other for a few seconds, until he cuddle both his siblings. "Stop staring each other like that. You are family, brother and sister. You two fight together, so let's not begin a battle here. I love you too equally, and I would never leave any of you. Did I make myself clear?"

To show his point, he cuddle Melchior furr of his head, and Sekmet head. A person cuddling a metal lince and a nuclear alien bug! It is both a heartwarming scene, but also bizarre to anyone who could see the scene.

(I a bit sleepy, so I pronpro to make the reaction of your post tomorrow...see you tomorrow mate!)
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(10-14-2019, 10:36 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:

Arial whistle, impress with his brother transform abilities. "Heh, not bad. That new form is pretty cool actually. The voice is okay too. Since you once were Orlando partner, it is okay to you have his voice. And that new form of yours is pretty handsome too. Heh, you could find a girlfriend pretty easily."

Then Arial remember a old story. "Ha, this kind remind me something a few years back. While we doing some sort of job of Team Rocket, you meet a female trainer with a Sylveon with her. You try to flirt with the Sylveon, but its turns out with was a Male Sylveon! Haha, I remember the look of shock in your face after that. I always knew you had kinky for Dog like Pokemon Gaspar. Or fox Pokemon since you like the way Kyubi stroke your head." Arial see Gaspar funny angry face and couldnt hold a little laugh.

Arial then reminds himself about the Gaspar be left unconscious after the battle. "Thats gonna be a long story so here me out...." Then he begin to explain everything that happened after he was knock out: Everyone doing their best to beat Necrozma. Spiritmon aid in tell everyone to make their wishes in the form of Airmid wish. The defeat and reborn of Necrozma in his Ultra Necrozma Form, the actions of Riza bugs...and Riza sacrifice to save Arial. "She save my life back there. She push me out of the way when Necrozma was about to shoot his final attack on me. Even with all defenses, I would be dead. She took the attack instead of me and..." Arial look to Riza sleeping. "Even knowing anyone could be revive except me, when I see her be pierce by that attack...I felt despair. It was just like...just like the time when you died brother. And even Spiritmon could feel the pain was almost we were connected.

Arial was left silence for a few moments, before trying to disperse the dense atmosphere. "After the battle, Zuryk keep her world and revive her. Not only that, but she also bring her humanity back. And we gain a few bonus too." Arial then show the Glove he was carry with him. "This is the Infinity Glove, a item made by the powers of Spiritmon himself, fusing the two Key Stones I carry with me. According to what Zuryk and Spiritmon explain, this Infinity Glove have no recharge time, so it could be use to Mega Evolve as many times desire, or even use Z-Moves as much times the user desire. It is like a gun with Infinity Anmo. Speaking of Z-Moves..."

Arial search his bags until he find a Crystal. He show to his brother. " the Necronium-Z. The exclusive Z-Move of Ultra Necrozma. According to Zuryk and Spiritmon, along with that new form of yours, we can be able to make you reach the Dusk Mane Form by our own will and energy, without the need of you to fuse with Necrozma. And with this crystal, you could go to Ultra Burst and reach your Ultra Form, like a Dragon God of Light..."

"It is just me or are we using way to much the word Ultra? Ultra Teleport, Ultra Beast, Ultra Necrozma...And since you are separated of Necrozma, how you want to call your new dragon form? God of Light Gaspar (GLG)? Light God Gaspar (LGG)? Ultra Gaspar?"

"What other choice do we have Gaspar? Yeah, Taurus shit happened there, but train with someone with experience with Psychic power is the best option you have, since now we dont have access help to Mew who could help us too. Unless we ask the advice of another Legendary Pokemon, we kinda dont have many options. The only Legendary who could kinda help us would be Seikamater, since Riza is kinda her daughter so she could help us, and Viktor. He have two Legendary with him if I remember: The son of Darkness Actan, and the Nuclear Legendary Urayne. And you remember that, since we were in that day when Curie attack Mt. Actan."

Arial remember very well. He and his brothers was trying to get information in that time, when Curie attack with his Nuclear Pokemon. Thanks to his brothers, they were able to repel most of the Nuclear Pokemon, and was witness in the moment of Viktor befriend Actan and the acceptance of Urayne in his party. The only reason he didnt inform Giovanni back there, was because he was thankful to Viktor for saving his region, and knowing fully well what Giovanni would do if he finds out a boy with two Legendary Pokemon.

"And its like you say Gaspar: It is a gamble, but it is the best we have. Venesi City Gym Leader can help us. I also think we should be frank with her, and tell her we want her help for training your skills. Not revail the full true about your Legendary status, but be sincere been doing good for us. We are here avoiding Kellyn thanks to be frankly."

"I hope so brother. I hope so."

"Well, knowing Reiner dangers ahead he have, sending the best person to protect him was the best idea I could think of. In terms of raw power, that guy is incredible powerfull. No wonder he is called the Crimson Demon. And that weapon Pokemon...I see enough Legendary Pokemon before, and I can guarantee: That weapon could be consider almost Legendary. Problably can easily rival a pseudo Legendary. I would be more worry to Reiner though: That person have the bad habit in engage in battles to see if someone is worth. And knowing how proud that lion is, he might want to test his Fangs and Claws on Reiner Dragon Scales...he will not kill him, but I fear confrotation might be inevitable."

"I know that brother, thats why I think we should be honest with him: That we caugh Sekmet in Celadon City, and we were able to tame her with Risuko Berries, and bond with her. And also that she never corrupt a Pokemon under our care. Like I say, lying to other people will only get us in trouble, and we could ask him we can prove she is a sweet thing. Unless you have another idea? That could also be a good chance for another thing: When we were in the Nuclear Facility, I capture a Nuclear Gyarados. Since Bamboo use Hazma to pufiry Nuclear Pokemon, we could ask his help to purify our Gyarados."

"Then lets keep the Alola plan as a alternative plan. I prefer fangirls above fanboys though. But yeah, Alola could be a option. And you telling me that form of yours is know in Alola? Care to explain?" Arial dont know a lot about Alola Region and its myths about the Light Trio, so he kinda curious to Gaspar enlight (heh) him about that topic.
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Said people who were of the easily offended sort did not appreciate such happy flippancy on your part, if the sudden ugly or snooty looks you all were receiving were any indication. However, seeing as you and your own weren’t really causing any significant public disturbances, they could do nothing more but that without making an ass out of themselves too, so you were fine for the most part. Possibly even happy about your hater’s impotent rage/disgust/ill ease, given you’re crazy and trollish nature!

All your family and Rizia’s hive agrees to your request for peace, though the later and the more rowdy of the bunch aren’t too happy about being so restrained after their long awaited homecoming/emancipation from their misfortune . Still, they’re listening to you despite that, so hooray for jolly cooperation!

Your trip to the market was thankfully uneventful, and you were able to stock up on not only Coconut Milk (Let’s say 10 units), but plenty of non-perishable and easy to prepare food stuffs and a burner phone from a quick and discrete trip to the local black market (which you know like the back of your hand, given your long term criminal career in Bealbeach and being a resident of its ‘underworld’ ) .

Sadly, your attempt at telepathic communication with Baltazar is meet with a metaphorical burst of static and a sudden, piercing jolt of Pain in your head (and it was the rare kind you didn’t enjoy) and your space wayfarer being shuddering with much the same feelings. Despite your contact with them and your newfound Legendary bonds with Gaspar and Necromza, it seems none of it helped restore your mind to a sufficient degree to entertain a Psychic connection. This is both a good and bad thing, as such a negative qualities does has its upsides (Like preventing Psychic Pokemon from affecting/reading your mind, even if they’re Legendary ones like Mew).

So that entire conversation with Baltazar doesn’t happen. Sorry!

(OOC: I would also advice you don’t try to bring that conversation back up with them or your Pokemon in private. If you want to do certain plans with Arial, just say so without them trying to start a discussion about it and I’ll try to accommodate your wishes best I can. I say this because the more dialogue and reactions I have to come up from a character responding to yours, the more time it takes for us to get to the point/action, and the less time I have to myself as a result)

If you do call Nellygator later, you get a voice message that says she’s currently busy training for her next Gym Challenge, and that she’ll get back to whoever is calling her when she’s free. Bummer, but at least you know she’s okay despite the current drama going on in Celadon


Sekmet is actually perfectly fine with you keeping her Balled for so long, as she implicitly trusts your judgement and knows you only want the best for her and the rest of their family. That, and the vast majority of Pokemon don’t mind being kept in their Pokeballs most of the time unless they’re habituated to being out of them lots of the time, so even if you don’t end up getting a Nuclear Pokemon License she won’t be unhappy with her staying hidden away mostly.
Melchoir wouldn’t actually have too much of a problem with the queen of nuclear green anymore, as she has proven herself to be a most Loyal and safe family member, so his stare would be his usual measuring one that cat Pokemon are oft prone to do to others. On the other hand, Sekmet is still quite intimidated by the metallic liger due to his very nature as a strong Steel type, but she manages not to be too bothered by it. Especially when you back her up almost immediately , earning you a happy *Brrrzzz* and returning your affection with equal tenderness. Your brother is less forthcoming (he’s still a Cat Pokemon, so he has an abundance of pride and self-consciousness about his image), but you can tell he enjoys your caress very much from your lifetime experience with him.


Gaspar preens a little at your praise, but he stumbles and gawks at you when you bring up the matter of his possible romance life/interests and that incident, before he slap a hand across his face and lets out an embarrassed and exasperated *Sigh* .

“…Brother, shut up. You know I don’t have much of a preference when it comes to partners, and that I don’t like talking about that aspect of my life. And you of all people shouldn’t be casting any shade on my past unexpected romances, Mr. I Loved A Former Bug Monster Vampire. “

He says that with as much smarm/smugness as he could put into his words (which was a lot), before rolling his eyes and sticking his hands into the pockets of his pants.

“ ‘Sides, I’ve told ya countless times that just ‘cause I was surprised that Sylveon was a dude didn’t mean I was not turned off by it. I am – well, was – a Duplicat, so Gender or Species of a Pokemon doesn’t really matter so much to me. *Shrugs* Heck, I don’t even mind the idea of shaking up with a human, like Kyubi is trying to do with Reiner, as it’s not like Pokeality matters to a Pokemon that can perfectly Transform and act like a human in all ways that matters. For now, I prefer sticking with hooking up with Pokemon, but if a human comes along that manages attracts my attention, female or male…..”

He trails off at the end before shrugging again, acting completely unrepentant about his opinion. The topic of his (and yours, for that matter) preferences has always been quite a weird topic between you too, what with him being a Duplicat (and therefore having very little in the way of traditional preferences) and you being mostly chill and uninterested in such things until Riza literally stole your heart (along with the rest of you) that night. So it might be for the best not to bring this up too much, unless you want to get into a debate/discussion  on the concept of sexuality for a Transforming/metamorphic Pokemon. Well, except the possibly of him getting on or attracting the attention of a Lunala , as that is very well a concern you two should have.


To summarize your Legendary brother’s reaction to your recounting of the epic battle with Necromza, he’s mostly quiet and attentive throughout it, save for the part where your fiancé got killed and ended up enslaving Necrozma, and that woman he was carting around was them turned? Human? The first got a silent mixed expression out of him, one that screamed ‘I don’t know how to feel about that….’ , as his past animosity and feelings on Riza are a well known point of contention between the two of you, but he can’t deny she did do a great and selfless act of sacrifice for you, which more or less proved her intentions toward you were completely harmless and well-meaning, not to mention loving. The fact she was human again also took a lot of sting out of his previous arguments against her. In the end, Gaspar didn’t know what to feel about the former vampire anymore, so he wisely stayed silent on the subject.

On the matter of you choosing to subjecate Nercrozma instead of just killing them when you had the chance….well, that depends. If he’s already grilled into for that (as in go read the last 10 or so pages of the CCV Meta Thread and the backlog for this Post Campaign), he just gives you a deadpan look that tells you exactly how he feels about that decision, but doesn’t say anything about it other than ‘You’re a real trouble making idiot sometimes, brother.”

If Arial hasn’t told them anything about Necrozma, though….well let’s just say that Gaspar’s less than thrilled with your decision, and nearly KOed you after hearing about it in full. Thankfully (or not), he settled for tearing into you with a positively blistering tirade on how stupid you were for not just getting rid of the light god(ess) when you could, and now they have to deal with her on top of his Legendary Status, keeping their former status as criminals in Tandor under wraps, and dealing with the next inevitable thing that would fall on their doorstep – for their has seldom been a long dull moment in your life.

Really, it was almost like clockwork something interesting would happen to you and/or your family that would see you dragged into a serious of wild, crazy, and/or unfortunate events. Honestly, it was like your very existence was cursed or blessed with such eventfulness, but it usually never bothered you, on account of you either being an incredibly ‘go with the flow’ kind of guy, and post mind break being too insane to care about it (on top of enjoying such insanity, though you’re not entirely sure now if that was a product of your insanity or that characteristic always existed within you and was just made more prominent because of it) .

Anyway. suffice to say Gaspar would verbally reamed you for your decision, before falling into a grumpy, sullen silence that would drag on until you started talking about talking about the Infinity Glove and his Z-Moves (or just stay silent until that was brought up, if that conversation didn’t happen), at which point he does a double take at it and looks flat out surprised by what you had to say.

“Uh….wow. I knew that I gained a lot of baggage and stuff from becoming a Solgaleo and Legendary Pokemon, but I didn’t expect to be able to perfectly Transform into other Legends. *Rubs back off his head* I mean, it makes sense in context, but this…all of this about the new me is just so….weird. Weird, but not unnatural feeling, which just makes it all the weirder to me. Does that make sense, brother? *Shakes head* Well, I guess none of that ain’t a problem if I can control myself now and in Dusk Mane or Ultra Burst Form, so….it’s all good? I guess?”

Yeah, the topic about your now divine feline’s convoluted Legendary Status is still as confusing as ever. As for the names of them, Gaspar is decidedly less disoriented about it.

“Nah, I don’t think so. Just call my Dusk Mane  and Ultra Burst Form DM and UB for short. Or if you prefer something more elaborate for my UB form, Haos Dragon. Sorta fits, seeing as Necrozma is an abyssal light creature that travels the void between realities. What do you think?”

He’s not too pleased with you throwing his argument against going to Vensei City back at him, but he doesn’t snap at you for it, opting instead to covering his face again and *Sigh*.

“….I understand that, brother, but just ‘cause I do doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea to go with solutions to my Legendary status that have the most potential to go wrong. Making the most out of what we got still means we got to deal with all the bad shit in it too, you know, and I rather we do so in the least problematic ways. Even if that means putting off training me to use my Psychic and Legendary powers until we can find a source or method that won’t end up shafting us in some unpleasant aspect.”

“*Moves hands away from face, looking thoughtful* Still….I think you have a good idea about seeking out Seikamater for help – and gods, isn’t that strange as hell to say. But you’re right about her being chums with Riza, and like me she was not always a Legendary Pokemon so she could possibly have some Insight about how I can cope and adapt to those changes, so getting her help wouldn’t actually be a terrible idea. I’m not sure how much she or her hive could help us, given she’s a Hive Queen Bug Legendary and I’m a Psychic/Steel Legendary outer entity of sorts, but any help she could give is better than none if she’ll give it without enslaving or eating us.”

“I’ll have to say no to getting the champ to help us out, though. That’ll require either explaining the whole situation around it or coming up with some elaborate story that’ll probably have more hole in it that we can even conceive, let alone cover, at which point who knows how he would react to it. Or his dad and mom too, as you can bet your sweet Poke he’d tell them to seek their opinion on it all. In short, I expect a utter shitshow if we go to him for help unless we take a long time building a strong bond with him and his family, which I shouldn’t have to tell you is problematic in of itself. So let’s not go with that option and say we did, okay? Or at least not until we exhaust all others….”

“*Sighs* If you think that she can truly help us without causing a scandal, then fine. We can try going to Venesi to get her help, if that’s what it takes to train my new powers. I don’t like the idea, but when has that ever mattered when it comes to what I want vs what is needed for us? You’re the one that’s always been in charge, brother, and no matter how crazy you or I have become that’s not going to change, ‘cause I certainly don’t want to be responsible for you, the rest of our family, and what we have to do to survive and be happy. No offense, but that’s all for you.”

Well, isn’t that brotherly of him? At least you don’t have to worry about his Legendary Power going to his head and usurping your position as head of the family anytime soon, for better or worse.

He doesn’t have much else to say about your choice of bodyguard for Reiner, other than to give it some thought and then a slow nod. He’s not totally sold on the idea of pairing those two together, but if it means the family doesn’t have to put up with that draconic no-nonsense man anymore, he’s begrudgingly fine with it.

Gaspar is even less sold on the idea of being completely frank with Bamboo, but he can see the merit of going with the simple honest approach.

“….If that’s what you think is best, then go for it. Remember, though, thanks to Team Rocket we don’t have to worry about the League finding about Sekmet just from Pokeball records, so if we’re careful we might not even need a License for her. And even if you do want to get one to be on the safe side, its probably best to build up your reputation as a good, trustworthy guy or have some sort of leverage to prevent him from immediately calling the Rangers in to help ‘handle’ this issue. Like it or not, we’re still technically criminals under Tandor and international law for our past and present crimes. Even if we mostly erased records of our misspent young in Tandor the Rangers would probably be able to find some of our past deeds here or abroad we missed if we started making waves again and connect them to us, so anything we can do not to draw their attention before we can fully establish ourselves as decent folk is the best idea to follow, me thinks.”

Finally, concerning his Knowledge of Alola and his kin, your metamorphic mate looks a bit uncomfortable for a moment as you bring that up and he thinks about it, until he slowly tell you what he can.

“….Sorta. Its hard to put it into words, but that part of me has an….instinctual feeling memory sense of the region and its inhabitant’s thoughts about me, if that makes any sense. Like, I know I know all sorts of stuff about it, but nothing really concrete unless I know what I’m trying to focus on remembering or something jogs that sense. Like, right now I know the people there in general have a reverent feeling about Solgeleos and Lunalas, , and that there is a Lunala currently hanging out and…..looking after the region. Also know there is a Necrozma over there too, but that it’s deep asleep and not about to wake up. *Shakes head* Anything more specific I can’t tell ya right now, or at least not without you asking the right questions or specific triggers to awaken that Knowledge within in. *Pinches nose* Gah, just trying to get a grasp about that is giving me a headache, but…its not too bad figuring this out. Just….complicated, like everything else about me right now.”

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Arial was thinking in give his brother a answer to his interest in romance things, but he close his mouth and think about what to say. "Well...touché brother. You are right....lets not think about it. Although in my defense, she was a pretty cute Bug Vampire Monster back there." And Arial decide not to mentioned or judge his brother sexual preferences again.

Arial gave his brother a answer to the thing of be strange about be able to Transform in other legends. "Bro, your family consist of a wise psychic comet coming from space, a metalic grass lince, a big ape king who become stronger and angrier everytime he is hit in the face, a walking Chernobyl nightmare (again, no offense Sekmet, you are our Sweet Chernobyl Nightmare!), a Fish who have miracle healing abilities, a Eletric Mech, a Ex-Vampire Bug Monster who is now my bae and kinda all her hive too."

"Is more easy to say if there is something in our life who make any sense Gaspar. Also, Haos Dragon its a pretty good name. Lets stick with that one."

Arial walking around a bit, thinking in each of the words of Gaspar. After a few minutes, he finally speaks. "Hmm, you are right brother...considerelly our past in Venesi City and the problems we had the Gym Leader from there, maybe seeking such help is not the best approach...however, as you say, asking the help of Seikamater could help us a lot too. Only a Legendary can help another Legendary Pokemon. And with Riza with us, we might have a best chance to negotiate with her."

"But this time, we would walk towards Baykal Forest. No need to cause another ruckus or make the Rangers go after us. And during our trip to Baykal Forest, we can try help as much people we find in the path, and make a good name for us. That might help cause a good impression on Professor Bamboo and make him trust us enough to give us a License to use a Nuclear Pokemon. I like this idea more."

Your choice Windos for whatever plan is more fan and more leaned to the plans you have in mind.

Something what Gaspar say strike a memory with Arial. "Hey, that name, Lunala, I remember Spiritmon something similar during our battle against Necrozma. By how I understand of most Legendaries, most Legendaries have some sort of counter parts to each other right? Like Actan and Lathan, Aotios and Mutios, Dialga and Palkia, Solgaleo have a counter part correct? If he is the Legendary Pokemon of Sun, then that Lunala girl is problably the Legendary of Moon correct? And that kinda makes Necrozma the Star Legendary right?"

Well, Arial is not exactly the most brilliant person in the world, but he is capable to grab and remember some information.
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