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[Game Thread] Pokerole: Mount Coronet Mystery
(03-07-2020, 03:03 PM)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote:

Ran's response to their inquiry was....brief.

"We found and beat it, and two other Onix made out of Coal. That's all I have to say about it."

His tone is gruff and uninviting. If the dandy punk star wants a more detailed report, they'd have to ask Kogeki or Lucas. Kee and the ladies should be able to notice the Jet Black Egg covered in diamond powder in his hands, though...

The scruffy smith's good mood is soon restored at the fluster mess he made of Kee with his comments, laughing unbashedly alongside Diam and ignoring the tickling feeling their puny punch gave him! Oh yeeeaaah, THAT'S the reaction he was expecting, and boy was it a good one! Paula's now just lost by this whole scene, looking between the two men with honest confusion. What was going on between them and the the girls....?

Them suddenly thrusting their Dragon Skins at him jars him out of his merriment, prompting him to give both them and the prince charming a startled then critcal look, before he slowly nodded to Kee.

".....I'm curious as to HOW ya got your smooth hands on Dragon Skins, but yes, I can make something out of them. Best success I'd have with them is making a belt out of the small one and a cloak out of the larger of the pair, but I'm not entirely sure if I can manage to make them into usable or useful Held Items for your Pokemon. Had trouble enough making a Metal Coat, and that was with material I was experience with. So I wouldn't count on any 'miracle works' unless they turn out fine as wine."

*Shakes Head*

" 'Friad I can't do that now, though. I already got a project in mind I want to do that'll probably eat up all the prep time we can afford, so if you specifically want me to make'm for ya you're outa luck. I can try to make some design documents for you to do the work yourself if you're interested, however."

Well, that sucks, but he's not being unreasonable or mean about it. Oh well....

(...And that should cover my end of interactions and stuff, so I'm ready to get things a'rolling whenever anyone else is!)
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(03-07-2020, 03:12 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote: "I'm not sure this would be the best place to rest, to be honest.  The wild pokemon that we've seen are all riled up by whatever's causing all this madness.  If we stop here, there's a good chance that we might be attacked while we're resting.  Sally and Samuel can help with the healing a little if needed.  Randolph, Kogeki, and I all healed our pokemon earlier, so we should be fine for the most part."

Oi... The image of riled up feral 'Mon attacking them all cowardly when they're at their most vulnerable makes Kee grimance and look around as if he was searching for those wild feral 'Mon, as well as quickly change his mind. "Weeeeeell, ya've got a point, agreed. Buuut mind if ya could then indeed heal up those 'Mon of mine that aren't at their best? Draven's the one who needs that kind aid most, followed by Astoria and Orpheus. ......Pleeeeeaaaaaase?~~" *totally no smile to make him agree no matter what* (How about a Lucky Wish from Samuel for Draven, Astoria and 2 Pokemon from Karen and a Heal Pulse from Sally for Orpheus?)

Huuuummmm, the way Ran responded to Kee when being asked about that special Steelix nor that curious Egg? was clearly telling him not to pry further, and so the colorfu musician did and opted to just go "Oh really? Cool". Nah, maybe he's fbetter off with NOT knowing the details; thanks but no thanks!

(03-07-2020, 03:57 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:

Oh about that Kee's actually pretty cool and chill, he gives the grumpy midget of a miner one of his ©No-big-deal-handgestures. "Nah Ran, sorreh I'm not sorreh if it sounded like I was askin' to make somethin' outta this skin for me now, that can wait!~ Don't need it right away, nor tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow, it's fine if ya were that once ya've got the time to concentrate on the crafting. Whenever that'll be. So do take your time for this project of yars s' long 's ya wanna, what's ACUALLY important t'me is that ya're AGREEIN' to make somethin' nice outta this fine skin on ma request!~ The 'when exactly''s less important." He gives Ran a bro-like smile, there's still some blush from his innuendos in his face.

(Uh, as for what to do for the Free Encounter before stepping out into Spear Pillar - I don't quite know what to do yet, any suggestion what CAN be done in this cave that's nor fighting nor collecting diamond dust? A Training Session would be the first choice, but are there other possibilities this cave offers?)
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Karen uses 2 Revives on Aspid and Nidoqueen.

Samuel uses a Lucky Wish combo to heal those two, Draven, and Astoria.

Samuel spends 2 Will Points.
Aspid recovers 4 HP and is fully healed.
Nidoqueen recovers 4 HP and is fully healed.
Draven recovers 5 HP and is fully healed.
Astoria recovers 4 HP and is fully healed.

Sally then uses 1 Heal Pulse on Orpheus.
Sally spends 1 Will Point.
Orpheus recovers 2 HP, which I believe still fully heals him.

Scizor also takes a moment to fully heal himself with a Sitrus Berry from his bag (yup, just one), and Milotic fully heals herself by spending a Will Point on Recover. Scizor also gives Espeon a Sitrus Berry to heal him back to full, too.

As for ideas concerning what you could do, I leave it up to you for the most part.  Feel free to train or bond with your pokemon, attempt crafting rolls, psyche everyone up for the battle ahead...the cave itself doesn't really offer much at first glance, though maybe you could try mining to see what you could find.


Randolph spends some time getting started on making a makeshift trident for Paula to surprise her.  It's not a project he would have been expecting to finish under normal circumstances in these kinds of time constraints, but for some reason, he's able to work much more quickly than anticipated and actually make an attempt to finish his creation.

Crafting Roll
With Samuel's Lucky Chant in the background speeding him along, Brigid's Flame Plate fueled fires, and his intense focus on making sure this job gets done right (Spend that Will Point, for both Randolph and Brigid!), Randolph gets 6 successes, making a very beautiful and durable trident that's not just how he envisioned it, but even better.  It's a masterpiece, the kind of artwork that collectors and artisans would kill to own.

When he presents it to Paula, she'll be really, really happy with the gift, getting +1 Happiness.

And now that Randolph thinks on it, Paula's grown really close to him almost a little too's almost unnatural.  It's obviously still a genuine bond, but...still, he has a suspicion that something strange is going on...


Kogeki gathers around $20,000 worth of diamond scraps.  Some of it is large shards of diamond, while the rest of it is diamond dust that had to be scooped up and collected in a bag.

The bag of sparkly diamond dust makes up about half of the value, and has the same effect as a Brightpowder if given to a pokemon as a Held Item (-1 accuracy for attacks that target the holder)

As for Kogeki's pep talk, most of his pokemon respond favorably to it.  Nagi, Hime, and Nami all understand perfectly.  They will not fail.  Nagi, Nami, and Hime all get +1 Loyalty.

Heracross is looking forward to this fight.  It's a real chance to test his strength.  Heracross gets +1 Happiness and Loyalty.

Hazel has no complaints about fighting, but she doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic about it either.

D-Corphish, however, seems rather reluctant to put himself at risk.  This would be Kogeki's first time asking them for assistance, and it's against a Legendary pokemon?!  Is he crazy?!  He's not THAT strong...

...Corphish's gaze occasionally drifts towards wherever Kogeki is keeping that Splash Plate, though.  He can obviously feel the power of that item, even if it isn't in plain sight.  Maybe...
(03-07-2020, 05:23 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

As the gold paint/varnish dried, the unknown and now ornamental Mega Stone snuggled fitted into into its open slot, and he put the last finishing touches, Ran held the Masterwork Mega Trident in his hands close to chest and face, reviewing his handy work with his highly discerning eyes, before he lowered the tool with a blinkered but pleased surprised. 

"Well I'll be smelted and hammered, this Trident turned out perfectly. Heck, I'd say its probably one of my best works I've made yet, if not the best! *Chuckles* The blessings from that angel must've been super potent for me to create something this fine so quickly. Or perhaps the Heatrans and Arceas gave me some divine aid themselves? Hmm...."

Brigid also takes the time to inspect the finished Trident after she finished a big heaping helping of coal (she and those flames she made weren't fueled solely by Will and divinity alone), nodding happily at it and leaning into Ran to celebreate their creation with him. It really was extremely pretty, and she's tickled pink that she helped make it!

The scruffy smith rubbed his forging tortoise's head fondly before getting up the corner of the room he forged the Trident in, giving it a slow twirl in hand before grinning like Diam.

"Ah, whatever. Doesn't matter how I made this beauty. Only thing that matters in the end is if Paula will like it or not, and something tells me that'll be a definate yes. "

Indeed he was correct when he went over to surprise her with it (where she was hanging around either Kee or Rui and Co) , kneeling to the sea queen on one knee and holding it out to her. 

"Here ya go, my lady. Consider it an early celebratory gift for your Evolution and you. What do you - "

Ran didn't get to finish his sentence, for Paula, after starring at such a perfectly made masterwork made just for her with wide, awe filled eyes, quickly sweept it AND him up in a tight hug, craddling both the her chest while she sang out a loud and pure note of nearly overwhelming jubulation! Oh, oh, oh what a, a, a thoughtful, heartwarming, and personal gift! She'll treasure it, forever and ever! She'll treasure her beloved Trainer forever and ever! Oh, oh, ooooooooh! The joy she's experiencing right now would probably give Samuel a run for their moniker as The Jubilee Pokemon!

Diam, of course, is finding this touching display of her partner being treated like a teddy bear hilarious, bowling over as she howled cackles filled with mirth and glee! Dear oh dear, Ran has made a very good friend very Happy indeed, wee hee hee! The snuggled locked man himself, meanwhile, is now slightly damp and squirming in his Cute Lady Paula's embrace, appearing red face in surprise and mortification at the event!

"Okay, okay, you really love, but could you put me down Paula?! Everyone's probably staring at us by now! We can do more celebrating later,  could you please let me go?"

Eventually she calms down enough to do as he asked, but by that point everyone has had a chance to stare and comment (if they wish) about that, so Ran just hides his face with his hard hat and marches to a secluded corner of the room to dry off and recover from her affections, with the sea queen herself waddling after him with a positively beaming smile with her Mega Trident in hand along with Diam + Brigid (who had their own mischievous/content smiles). Omnia (In the form of Sally) just shakes her head at the it all and stick around Lucas and the real deal, 'asking' both of them all the tips and advice they can give her on how to properly act and use 'her' Lucario Moves and powers. Somebody has to be productive towards the actual trails ahead.
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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Oh yes, and one more thing for Kee. When he next checks up on Stella, she now has 6 tails!

Quite the growth spurt in so little, so little time...
(03-07-2020, 05:23 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote: Sally then uses 1 Heal Pulse on Orpheus.
Sally spends 1 Will Point.
Orpheus recovers 2 HP, which I believe still fully heals him.

Yes it does, yay! Samuel, Sally and Lucas all receive genuine thanks from Kee, which comes in form of snacks for everyone.


Quote:As for ideas concerning what you could do, I leave it up to you for the most part.  Feel free to train or bond with your pokemon, attempt crafting rolls, psyche everyone up for the battle ahead...the cave itself doesn't really offer much at first glance, though maybe you could try mining to see what you could find.

(Hummm... I think I want to do something with Astoria, in particular something in the hopes of building up her confidence a little and maybe even increase her Loyalty to Kee. If both Ran and Kogeki managed to increase the bond to Pokemon of theirs significantly here, I want to try too!~)

While the others are opting to follow their own business, Kee thinks for a moment - then chooses to seclude himself a bit by taking a place somewhere in a corner of the cave they're in, or basically a place where he will have a bit of precious alone time. No, wait - alone time with his Pokemon, to be specific. He just needs that for preparing himself as well as them properly for what may be ahead at Spear Pillar - He's certain that there will be ANSWERS, but whether he'll LIKE those answers... That's an entirerly different matter.

He doesn't seem to have fully digested the fact(???) that he seems to be born into the wrong dimension and having lived there for a quarter of a century without ANY hint of a thought that it's not right. Anything he had to go through in this dimension - is anything different about it in THIS dimension = the one he's dwelling now, with Ran, Karen and all the others...? He doesn't know he JUST DOES NOT KNOW, and this only adds to his torn state that he has managed to hide quite well. As he sighs, runs a hand through his long hair and gently pets Octavia's sparkling fur, he comes to a realization that in THIS dimension now - that he's not alone. That Ran and Co. seem about him? Thinking about this - he can't help but to smile timidly.

But... Enough of worries and overthinking, Kee's always been that person that wants to keep himself busy to prevent thinking about such things too much. And so he summons Astoria and pets and gently speaks to the graceful Ex-Shadowmon of his. "Weeeeell, here we go 'gain... I - WE - can't be c'ertain what may be greet us if we take that one step outta this cave 'n on Spear Pillar - BUT, I am expectin' ANSWERS. Answers that may not be just handed to us on a silver platter, but that we 'ave to fight for..." He sighs again, but the smile he's giving his Absol is an encouraging one. "How 'bout we try to hone yar skills a bit then? Ah dontcha give me such a worried look, all under SAFE CONDITIONS 'n MY OBSERVANCE 'f course! And WITHOUT any pain nor pressure."

This 'honing of Astoria's skill' turns out to be some sort mock battle/training between her and Kee's dear old and spectral bird Yurei. He deliberately keeps particular orders for action scarce and leaves them do as they please, but takes care that none's hurt and throws in advice and praise every now and then. It also shall help Astoria getting used to the Wide Lens-monocle she's wearing, Kee realizes quickly that she ENJOYS how she can take better aim thanks to this lens!~ She also seems to carefully and shyly yet honestly enjoy how she can catch that bird off-guard by summoning a bit of a hailstorm within this cave and run around in this storm without any care in the world.

Rather quickly this mock-battle-thingy becomes a playful hunting session for Astoria in the hail, with Yurei being the prey. Latter seems to like this as much as Astoria, weirdly - she can likewise hone and enhance her already brilliant and masterly dancing moves via escpaing and evading this Absol's claws and swipes. At one point she even learns how to transfer some of her vigor into a fine purple feather of hers, as Astoria snatches this feather it faintly lights up and Astoria blinks as she suddenly feels...powered up? Yurei bows to her as as the dark prophet gives her an appreciating look. Yurei has just learnt how to use Baton Pass for 16XP.


Soon, after both Yurei and Astoria have properly powered themselves out, they find themselves gathered and sitting close to Kee again, an exhausted yet happy look on their faces. Yurei has taken a rest on one of Kee's shoulder and mindfully cleans and sorts her fine plummage, while Astoria has - after some persuading and reassuring that it's fine - paced her head into Kee's lap; he now has Astoria close to him on one side and Octavia on the other side. Carefully among them is also Stella, curled up in her nice blanket and providing some warmth towards them all. It's nicely pleasant after the chill of the summoned hailstorm!~

As Kee and his Pokemon are gathered like this, he begins to play a song on his treasured electric guitar and quietly sings along in his melodious voice. It's a song that may not....match him quite well given usual taste of music, but it doesn't matter now. It's a song about them just enjoying their moment of peace in the world suffering from all that supernatural mess. (There's no good video of a guitar cover of it, I'm sorry... That leaves it to imagination.)


Oh yes, and he DOES notice that Stella has gotten even more tails! He can't help but to sweep~ her into his arms and give her a cuddle-hug that's overflowing with tenderness. "Six tails now, SIX, that makes ya a fully grown 'n mature Vulpix now, my dear!~ Ohhhh tha joy, it's so wonderful, so neat, so..... AAAHHHH ya're makin' me so proooud!~ (´ ω `♡)

However, there's one thing about it that bothers him. He has...put her into the virtual reality of a PC Box on his account, and when he did so he was CERTAIN that she had FOUR tails. How could she has grown more without gathering any experience...???? 'Betcha this too has t'do with all that weird stuff happenin', that mysterious force messin' with things', he thinks to himself.
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Astoria has a lot of fun with the practice and bonding session.  She still isn't fully confident yet, but she definitely seems to be happy to be in the company of someone who clearly cares and their loyal friend.

Astoria gets +1 Happiness and +5 Experience from the bonding session.  Yurei also gets +5 exp.

Stella, due to being smothered in love and affection, gets +1 Happiness and Loyalty.
With everyone's prep work done, it's time to head to the grand finale, the pièce de résistance.

The group files through the exit of the cave one by one, not sure what exactly is ahead, but as ready as they'll ever be to face it.

The sight that greets them is unlike anything that they have ever seen before.  Even Lucas is at a loss for words at first despite having visited this location during his adventures years ago.

Spear Pillar, The Dark Shrine

[Image: Spear_Pillar_anime.png]

Large, pointed stone pillars line the sides of an unseen path, stretching out into a seemingly endless void.  The cave the group just exited from is nowhere to be seen.  It's just them and the stone pillars here.

If this is the top of the mountain, it's impossible to tell what it looks like without all this darkness and shadow obscuring everything.

Lucas looks around, puzzled and dreading what this might mean, but there's a sense of familiarity as well.  "This is definitely Spear Pillar...even if it does look...dark.  I'd recognize those pillars anywhere.  There should be a platform ahead.  That's where Dialga would normally be, but...I don't see them..."

Karen finds that a little hard to believe.  "Isn't Dialga, like, massive for a pokemon?  It should be easy to spot, right?"

"Yeah, they'd be rather hard to miss.  But...something's not right.  All the signs have pointed towards Spear Pillar, the summit of the tallest mountain in Sinnoh, and yet we don't see the target of our primary objective.  Dialga has to be here somewhere, though."

"Well, maybe we just need to search for it, then?"

"I'd agree, but there's not exactly very many places to look.  Just the platform ahead and...I don't know where else right now, to be honest.  That...void is obscuring just about everything else."

Every hair on Espeon's body is standing straight up as he looks in every direction, probing the darkness with his Psychic powers for any kind of threat that may be lurking in it.  Rui is looking around nervously, trying to remain calm, taking deep breaths.  Everywhere she looks, she sees darkness, and it's really creeping her out because it's setting off her psychic senses.  "...come on, you can do can do this..."

"Well, let's check the platform, then!  It's better than just standing around, waiting for something to happen!"

"You're right.  All right, everyone, let's go."

Rui pulls herself mostly together as everyone advances towards the platform where Legends once stood.

The platform itself is shaped similarly to the one located at the Sinjoh Ruins.  An equilateral triangle, three circular pedestals at each corner.  A raised pedestal sits in the center.
[Image: 120px-Spear_Pillar_anime.png]

Randolph, Kogeki, Kee, and Karen all feel an urging from the Plates they hold to each stand at one of the pedestals.

Kogeki at the top.

Randolph in
the middle 

with the Azure Flute.

Karen in the bottom left.                                                          Kee in the bottom right.

No verbal commands tell them to do so.  It's all instinct.  Some might call it destiny or fate.

Karen blinks a few times as she tries to understand this gentle push.  "...I...I think the Plates want us to...take the places of the Lake Trio on that platform?"

Lucas thinks about what that might mean.  "...well, the Lake Trio seal the powers of Dialga and Palkia by forming a triangular formation around the Legendary.  I can see the sense in the formation, if not exactly why you're being urged to do so.  Dialga doesn't seem to be here right now, after all.  Still, it's worth a try, I guess."

Karen takes a step forward, but Lucas steps in front of her to prevent her from steeping onto the platform right away.  "Before we do anything, though, have the links for the Red Chain ready.  And everyone pick one pokemon to send out at a moment's notice if something backfires.  Alright?"

Karen nods in agreement.  "Got it."

Rui nods, a nervous hand on Milotic's pokeball.  Espeon stands watch, tense with anticipation of what's to come.

Lucas steps back, a hand on his backpack's strap.  "I'm ready when you guys are.  I'm going to use an ace I've got up my sleeve exactly for moments like this.  Fair warning, though, it might be a little...disorienting at first."

Scizor backs away from the platform until he's standing in front of Rui.  He takes a battle ready stance as he nods at Karen, Kogeki, Kee, and Randolph.  He's ready.

Everyone hears Milotic's telepathic voice.  I am prepared to face this danger.  Do what you must, and do not hesitate to call on me if needed.

The final battle is about to begin.  There's no turning back now.  Everyone has enough space to summon only one pokemon, as it is unclear if the void outside of the Spear Pillar's boundaries are safe to tread in.  Choose carefully.
(03-07-2020, 05:23 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Kogeki see everyone spirits to fight such strong enemy...except Corphish. He try to talk with him. "Sorry for that Corphish, but you are one of the few Pokemon in my team who know Fighting-type moves. Gama and Susano'o can't join despite the fact they are strong too. Thats why I choose you to join in this fight. Again, I apologize you. But I will try to avoid force you into the battle as much as I can. But against a Dragon Steel Legendary, only Fighting and Ground moves is the only types who can actually land stronger hits."

Kogeki see the gaze is giving to the Splash Plate he carrying (who is in his hand). "Yeah, I can feel that thing power too Corphish. Splash Plate...a piece of Arceus as they say." He let Corphish take a look in the Plate.

Something happen Dragonstrike when Corphish grab the Plate?
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
(03-08-2020, 12:01 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote: Astoria has a lot of fun with the practice and bonding session.  She still isn't fully confident yet, but she definitely seems to be happy to be in the company of someone who clearly cares and their loyal friend.

Astoria gets +1 Happiness and +5 Experience from the bonding session.  Yurei also gets +5 exp.
Stella, due to being smothered in love and affection, gets +1 Happiness and Loyalty.

Awwwww the adoooorableness as Astoria and Stella reciprocate the affection to the lonely and torn colorful and joyous musician quickly melts his heart and he has to take a break from playing and singing to wipe his eyes. He's not only thankful that none of the others see him in such a...vulnerable and soft state, but also for being able to have the company and loyalty of his Pokemon - Octavia, as if she wants to reassure Kee about it, fondly licks over his cheek and hums in sync with him.

In a world without dangers
where destruction is near,
you can come with me here....

Where the people are strangers,
you will rest here with me,
in a moment of peace...

(Oh right, what Kee also does before returning to the others is editing his active party a little, will do so in QuickPage.)
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