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Rate My Team!

 You guys know I like you all and I love this forum, especially this section here, and it hurts me to see it so dead. Besides, I miss your analysis and opinions and I'm pretty sure the community as whole is benefited by your works (myself included, I don't recall who suggested Rocky Helmet Xeno but goddammit I love this set). Because of that, I thought it would be really cool to have you guys comment on my team.

 As I said I'm not here for a competitive analysis, but for a RMT. This is a "final version" of the first team I made when I started playing on the sim. The early versions had mons like Coatlith and Xeno, but I think this build here fares better against the stuff that's being played on the sim. So here it is:

Nimflora @ Choice Band
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- Sticky Web
- Play Rough
- U-turn
- Knock Off

 The reason why I had Nimflora in the first place was because I wanted Sticky Web, but as I played it more I realised it could provide a lot more to the team. This guy can hit like a truck, while also providing utility for the team in the likes of Magic Bounce, Sticky Web and Knock Off. The set is pretty standard, I believe, so I won't waste more time on it.

The Hermit (Astronite) @ Life Orb
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- Psychic
- Power Gem
- Heat Wave
- Nasty Plot

 So, Astronite was the last addition after I had tested some other mons as setup sweepers for that team. I always liked Astronite and always wanted to build a team with it, and I think it does great here. Sturdy + Life Orb is not a great combo. Period. But you'll see in the replays that Sturdy sometimes turned the tide in my favor. I shouldn't have Life Orb tho. I know it. Don't judge me. I'll switch that out. Eventually. Anyway, the set is also pretty standard; I have Heat Wave for Steel-types that might come in, Nasty Plot for setting up and the other two are STAB. I considered going for Stealth Rock instead of Heat Wave, and I'm still considering it tbh, just hadn't tested it yet. (btw as you can see I have no idea on how to use that mon effectively so pls help me!!!! lmao)

 Metalynx @ Leftovers
Ability: Battle Armor
EVs: 196 HP / 52 Atk / 68 Def / 192 SpD
Careful nature
- Leech Seed
- Protect
- Leaf Blade
- Meteor Mash

 One of my favorite mons in Uranium. I decided to go for a defensive set, and, man, MTide + Lynx makes an insane defensive core. The spread allows it to wall many special attackers like M-Syrentide and Yatagaryu (have to watch out for Focus Blast though; not the best Yata check imo), and it has good Def too. A little investment in Atk to up his damage a little bit and give him more 1v1ing power. Leech Seed + Protect for stalling, the rest is STAB. 

S51-A @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 244 HP / 12 SAtk / 252 SDef
Sassy nature
- Psychic
- Rapid Spin
- Recover
- U-turn
 Probably the most common mon on the sim right now. Almost everyone runs it since it can do almost anything. I'm using it as a pivot and hazard cleaner here; it's bulkiness allow it to switch into a lot of stuff in the meta and just do it's job. It can net some pretty good damage also; this thing's power is ridiculous. 

Chimaconda @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe
IVs: 30 Atk / 30 SAtk
Modest nature
- Overheat
- Sludge Bomb
- Hidden Power Grass
- Toxic Spikes

 It makes a good FWG core when paired with Syrentide and Metalynx, and it's an amazing mon as well. While Scarfed, it reaches an incredible Speed tier of 403 without a boosting Nature that allows it to outspeed unscarfed Alpico, for instance, while also letting it have Modest for max damage. Again, a really standard set: Overheat because, you know, what else it needs? Sludge Bomb for Fairies (can also take out MTide sometimes), HP Grass for some Water-types and Ground-types (Escartress I'm looking at you) and Toxic Spikes...

  (Syrentide) (F) @ Syrentideite
Ability: Cute Charm
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Bold nature
- Surf
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Calm Mind

 Last but not least when of the strongest mon on the sim right know, even lacking Pixilate. You might recognize this set as the legendary Crocune set, but Crotide instead hahah. With this spread MTide can wall the majority of the metagame; whatever threatens her is, most of the time, dealt with by Metalynx. I pick Surf because I want her to deal with Fire-types more than anything, especially when she's probably the best counter for Inflagetah on the sim as of right now. Calm Mind can up her damage while also making her even bulkier, and Rest + Sleep Talk is mandatory for a Cro set.

 Now, you might ask where the hell is Stealth Rock. Well... This is a problem this team has. I'm still wondering whether to go for Heat Wave or Stealth Rock on Astronite. You guys could help me with that. But as far as hazard goes, Sticky Web can do wonders; it seems like reducing your opponent's Speed is pretty important in the current metagame with a lot of scary mons sitting on ridiculous Speed tiers. And I have Toxic Spikes... well, I didn't use it so far but it's there!

 I like this team a lot, I think it's pretty solid as it can answer to a lot of major threats that are trending on the sim. I'll link you guys to some replays:

Replay 1:

 Pretty nice match against Poisseman's Tricky Room team. I made a huge misplay that almost cost me Syrentide; should have definitely went for Surf against Herolune. I don't have much to say about that game, so, yeah, that's it hahah.

Replay 2:

 Before anything, do note that weather is currently not working properly as it lasts forever, and Laser Pulse seems to be just a Normal-type move. Anyway, in this match I kinda missed Stealth Rock; I feel like I had a great opportunity to set it on Cocancer and I could even save my Astronite for later. 

Replay 3:
 Another game where Sturdy came in handy. One thing I'd like to say is that I gave up MTide because I felt like I didn't needed it anymore, since Archilles was gone. 

 I had one more replay, or at least I thougt I had, but there's a limit of replays you can have and I ended up not saving this one. It was a L (forgive me for not having a lose to show, it was not intended to be wins only, so please forgive me), and it sucks that I don't have it. But anyway, say what you want! It will be much helpful to me having you commenting on not only the team but also my plays and stuff. I'm open to suggestions as well!
I see mostly Pokemon that are generally used pretty often/are quite popular for usage in battle!~ While that is reasonable and comprehensible, it generally makes a Team predictable (I guess)? I for example enjoy unusual Pokemon with suprising sets more, but to each their own and it may be just me being more of a casual battler than a real competitive one. (I'm sorry that I can't say more as I'm not good at such teamratings but seeing your thread so dead when you asked for feedback got me ><; )
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
(08-12-2018, 08:31 AM)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote: (I'm sorry that I can't say more as I'm not good at such teamratings but seeing your thread so dead when you asked for feedback got me ><; )

I'm definitely going to be relpying to this thread.  Won't be until a little later when I actually have a little free time, though. Shouldn't be 'dead' for too much longer.
(08-11-2018, 07:09 PM)Jabuloso Wrote:

-I too believe that the old cuddle bug is majorly underated, its good Movepool and decent enough stats/Abilities to really make use of it! I personally don't see why you are running a CB on a set with SW, though, as that just forces Nim to switch out, which either gives the opponent momentum to switch into a de-hazarder (Though you could play on that too), the chance to set up, or just get a really good hit on it/whatever is switch into its place. A LO would be better on it imo, since you can fake having another Item/set by setting up SW first, then laying hard with any choice of Move. Focus Sash is also an option, if people start leading with Pokémon than can OHKO Bug and/or Fairy types.

-I believe their's a Guide on Astronite in the comp section, so go check it out to better refine your set for the astrological wayfarer! As it stands right now, I believe its perfectly alright, but if you end up wanting to replace heatwave with SR, then replacing Psychic with Earth Power would be best, as that provides the best coverage for only two Moves (you'll be screwed over by S51-A, but you also have other Pokémon that can take care of them, so its a sacrifice worth making imo). Giving them a Sitrus would most likely be the best bet in place of LO, as either can help it set up or stomach hits it otherwise couldn't. If you end up using Technichan on it, then I suggest looking over the Guide on Astro to see what to do.

- On Metalynx, I would personally substitute either MM or LB for Toxic so that you could spread about Status easy and win wars with other bulky mons (and it combos well with Leech Seed in the damage sense), but otherwise I think this set is a-OK!

-I have zero problems/critisims for your S51-A set, but Psychic could be replaced with a Steel Move in order to better capitalize on Fairy/Rock/Ice types if you need the coverage. The little bugger is just sooooo nice that almost anything can be done with it, so experiment mate!

-Again, having a Non-Attacking Move on a Choice set boggle me, but in this case since it can be spammed, I guess its okay. I personally would use Dark Pulse for more coverage and Flitch hax, but that's just me! Also, it might be possible to replace TS with Curse and use a FS or LO on the fiery feline, as Curse would make it fast at the cost of making it weaker, which couple with Overheat....well, you have one mean glass cannon and/or late game sweeper.

-I see no faults for this set, since Syrentide is just hands down the best Wall in the game bar none, besides perhaps M-Sableye, and maybe the Regenerators, Gargyph while Sand is up, Brainroar, Defensive Gliscor, Bulky Encartress, Bulky Metalynx, and Bulky S51-A.

Composition wise, I think everyone covers everyone else rather well, but it doesn't change the fact that you still have a half you team weak to Fire types. If M-Syren or the others are taken out, it would be much easier for opponents to punch holes in your team. Having no true counters/checks to Yata. is also an issue, but that could be solved by replacing Metalynx with a Specially Defensive Regenerator Luxelong (or a Super Luck Sweeper, since you have Sticky Web support! Say hello to Crit Draco Meteors!), or an Encartress (thought that would introduce another 4X weakness to your team, and leave you more weak to Grass types). Siekamater could also replace Nimflora as a more bulky SWer, but your team seems more geared towards speed that stalling/sustain so that may not be a good idea. As it stands, your team is fine enough, though, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt! 

Those are my opinions for now. Share yours about mine with me, if you want!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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Could try a Technician Astronite if you want a little more power for the Rock STAB/want to use a non-Fire Hidden Power (access to HW makes HP-Fire rather pointless).  I agree that Trace is rather niche, but it has its uses, and it could be a lot more useful in general than Sturdy if you're running a Life Orb.  An alternate item you could run on Astronite would be an Expert Belt.  A little less powerful overall, but you can fake being Choiced.  The best use for Trace is probably copying Chlorophyll, Sand Rush, and Swift Swim, tbh.  Copy those, and you're very likely to be faster than whatever you copied the Ability from, so it can easily stop weather sweeps in their tracks.  Tracing type immunity abilities and stuff like Speed Boost, Mold Breaker, Intimidate, Blood Lust, Magic Bounce, Regenerator, Levitate, Soundproof, Petrify, Contrary, Analytic, Sturdy, Magic Guard, Quick Feet, Rebuild, Fur Coat, Thick Fat, etc. can also be a boon.  Generally useful effects that can influence how opponents can possibly handle your attacker is where Trace excels, basically.

Overall, I'd say the team looks fairly solid.  Certainly has some neat ideas and synergy.  The FWG core is solid, the attackers look strong...I do see a distinct lack of dedicated physical attackers, notably.  Nimflora's the only one.  A strong specially defensive pokemon that you don't have a strong type advantage against would cause your team a lot of trouble.  Inflagetah and Archilles can also rip through this team if Syrentide is taken out, which is something to be aware of.

I agree with a lot of the alternative stuff and points that Windos brought up.  I've not looked at this super duper closely, but close enough that at a glance, a lot of what Windos has said is fairly decent advice, but completely up to personal preference for the most part (as Windos has stated himself).

One other thing I will note: the current version of the sim does not have Sticky Web in Seikamater's movepool, even though it should.
Heat Wave vs HP Fire depends on whether or not you want slightly more power and the chance to burn over 100% Accuracy. If you have other HPs you want to use, then like Dragonstrike said its a no brainer using HW, but otherwise I would stick with good old reliable HPF!

An option to add more Physical Attackers would be replacing Astronite with either Theriamp or Majungold if you need a Offensive SRer, as the former has TERRIFIC coverage and nice speed, while the later is more bulky and immune to debuffs. The former is 4X weak to Ground, however, and with Chimiconda on your team, mixing them together wouldn't be a hot idea unless you REALLLY want an hyper offensive team. Replacing Nimflora with Harptera would also work if you want a more straight forward/powerful Offensive SWer, but they are a fair bit frailer + have a TERRIBLE Defensive typing. Metalynx could also be made Phys Defensive with an Occa Berry to give you a Tank on that end of the spectrum, or you could make it more Offensive to bring more Phys Attackers to your team. On that note, giving it a Mega Stone is also an option, as that way you could rotate which Mega you want/need to deal with a particular team, or as a back up if you are forced to sack Syren. for whatever reason.

Yeah, they need to add Sticky Web to Seika....
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

I support your using Choice Band on a mon with Sticky Web, it provides role compression as you may not always need Sticky Web up depending on your matchup against other teams. One thing I'm noticing though is the uncommon skeleton of your team if you consider it a full Sticky Offense : you don't have that immediate firepower to make your team super threatening without setting up any boosts. I'm thinking of stuff like Adamant Beliaddon for example, mons with middling speed and ready to deal massive damage without setting up. What you have at this point is more like a Balanced team with Sticky Web support. Which is ok, but there's a chance you might struggle with way faster teams than yours, as even when faced with debuffed opposition, your team is rather slow.

I'd change the nature to Timid, as Chimaconda is a rather "slow" revenge killer, even with a Scarf. I assume you chose Modest over Timid because you thought it would be enough with SW support but I'm really not comfortable playing a 252 Speed Scarf mon without a speed boosting nature. 403 Speed may seem like a lot but it's really not, not when considering you're holding a Scarf and you're level 100. Modest doesnt add anything to the mon since you're boosting with Overheat anyway. 85 Base Speed is a tier loaded with notable threats and you cant afford not tying with them.
No problem with the moves. Dark Pulse doesnt hit anything that Sludge Bomb + Overheat + Hp Grass dont already. You could make a case for Will-o-Wisp over Toxic Spikes, in a last-ditched effort to cripple a physical attacker for another one of your mons to finish it, but either option has its pros and cons, and it's not like you'll click that fourth move really often anyway.


It's one of the mons where meta adaptation shows the most, in opposition to sheer theoretical reasonning. A while ago I wouldn't have approved using Psychic over Flash Cannon because Psychic could be played around with an immunity and you'd be totally defenseless against Chainite. That was back in my Lobby days. Now since we have a different meta on the sim I'm growing increasingly ok with Psychic as the only damaging move (bar U-turn ofc) : Chainite isnt a threat at all anymore since Shadow Tag doesnt work on the sim yet and Psychic allows you to weaken Chimaconda on the switch. S51-A is a safe switch-in for Chimaconda so, better punish that.
I assume you chose a Sassy nature to capitalize on that slowturn potential. I'd personally stick with Calm and just lower the Speed IV by a couple points if slowturning is that important to you, that's a thing you can easily exploit on the sim. Going -Speed opens the door to unnecessary problematic stuff imo.

I'm curious to know what this EV spread lets you tank exactly, I assume you did your research.
I'd swap Meteor Mash with Earthquake, Meteor Mash's too few PPs are sure to work against you on such a defensive mon as Metalynx. I'd advise Iron Head if you really wanted a Steel stab that badly, but still I think Earthquake is a superior option, as it lets you punish Chimaconda, both formes of Archilles and Inflagetah, Beliaddon and Yatagaryu switching in expecting resisted stab attacks.

Now that's the real hard part. Being an Astronite user myself I know how much people underestimate it and stay in against it, despite its extensive movepool. This alone can reduce your chances at setting up a free Nasty Plot. I'm not entirely sure Astronite using set up moves is the most optimal thing at this stage of the meta. Choice Specs could be interesting if damage is what you want but dont quote me on that. I havent tried that yet.
I give more of a support role to my Astronites, so I would rather advise finding another mon to fill that "I deal massive damage right off the bat" spot. Preferably one that can set up SR or Spikes. You've seen what my Laissure can do, I'm sure you could tweak its moveset to put SR in there.

All in all, your team looks solid and you seem to have understood what the main threats of the current meta are, if not for little set optimizations here and there. Good job.

Funny enough, I've noticed stuff that Poisseman used that I experimented on him, it's great to see people try new stuff! I'm the one who tried Roost Yata and T-Wave S51-A against him Big Grin
 The idea for Sticky Web on CB Nimflora came from a pokeaim video where he had hazards/status move on a Scarfed mon (I know it's different but whatever xD) and I thought "why not gave my Nimflora Sticky Web?", since I had no better move to give it. I don't think giving Choiced mons status or hazard moves is a problem, I think it works very well on Chimaconda; on other hand, I agree that Sticky Web might not be optimal in this case here. As Windos said, most of the time I loose a lot of offensive momentum by going SW instead of Knock Off or U-turn. That being said, I still don't know what to switch SW for; I don't want to give up Choice Band (I've tried Focus Sash Nimflora before; it's pretty good but not what I want for that team). I'm thinking of Superpower. What do you guys think?

 As I said before, I don't mind going for non-damaging moves on Choiced mons as long as it adds something to the team. In Chimaconda's case, it is really good! Chimaconda can force a lot of mons to switch out and take the opportunity to set TSpikes; plus S51 would NEVER switch into Chimaconda, it's just too risky, and most of the times Chimaconda is my S51 answer most of the time. As S51 is pretty much the only spinner people are using right now, you can easily set up TSpikes. About the Modest nature shade, I'm with you: I don't like to trade speed for power, especially in Uranium, but in this case there's a good reason. 403 Speed covers most of the stuff I want Chima to outspeed. The only thing that was a problem until now was Scarf Anderind, but that's not that common. Except for that, Chima outspeeds everything it needs to outspeed, so that's why I went for Modest.

 S51-A is indeed an amazing mon. I love the design, despite being quite simplistic. And how bulky and versatile that thing is is just not fair. It can do just everything, and is by far the best Rapid Spinner Uranium produced. But the 4 Move Slots Syndrome is a big problem of this mon. Considering this, going Psychic or Flash Cannon is a very difficult choice. At first I thoughtPsychic was better since I had Metalynx to deal with Fairy-types. In this case, it really was. But then I remove Meteor Mash from Metalynx set and Flash Cannon was needed, obviously. Tbh, I felt like it was much better that way! That's why I'm sticking to Flash Cannon now. Also, it allows Metalynx to run another move, be it a damaging move for coverage or a status move. But again, it's a tough decision; going this way has it cons.

  Well, I have tried both ideas (Toxic and Earthquake)! I have to say, each one is good, but I'm sticking to EQ. It can catch people off guard sometimes and net you a kill, plus it helps Lynx on checking Electric-types. Also, having TSpikes gives me a way to poison the enemy team if I can set them, giving me some more room to go for coverage on Lynx. Truth be told, I'm being able to consistently set at least one layer of TSpikes in most of my games, thus making EQ much more compatible with my playstyle. About the Spread, shade... well, the truth is that I don't remember it now and I just found out I didn't wrote it down as I always do. When I remember, I'll certainly post it here!

  Now the real star and reason of this thread: Astronite. I tried Technician. It's really solid! Ancient Power, Earth Power, Heat Wave and Nasty Plot. I honestly had like, only one chance to do an Astronite sweep, and it felt really good! I didn't Nasty Plot tho; I got lucky with Ancient Power and just spammed it. Downed 5 mons with it (my opponent's team was really weak to Rock tho). I really like Astronite and I wish I'd learn how to use it effectively. I would be really happy to sweep with it more often. I have yet to try it as a more supportive mon, but first I want some more Astronite sweeps to happen!

 Sorry for the delay, guys! I wanted to reply to everyone the best as I could. Thank you all for the advice, I think it helped a lot to improve this team, especially regarding Astronite. I'm still learning how to use it, but I think I'm on the right path, and that's thanks to you. Also, if you have any other suggestions to make, don't be shy! I'm still open for it. I'm really liking that team, so improving it more and more is always appreciated.
Superpower would work quite well on Nimflora, as it can function as a lure for Steel/Rock types as it switches in, and the debuffs the move carries don't matter in the slightest since pivoting/wall breaking is the whole point of your cuddle bug!

I never said TS on Chimi was a bad idea, just one that I didn't really understand until now. Now that you explained, it sounds rather clever, but you have to keep in mind that while S-51 A is one of the best Anti Hazard mons, its not the only one. Chlorophyll Coalith under the sun can outspeed any variant of the chimera and threaten with a Earthpower, and then use Defog to clear away the TS. CS Coalith with Levitate can also completely shut down TS too. Both have to watch out for Sludge Bomb and/or a Sun Boosted Overheat, but if Coalith is fast enough to get off the first Move.... And that's just one example I can think of. The meta hasn't really explored good alt hazard cleaners, but I imagine as it develops they will.

No comment on either S-51 A or Metalynx, as I think you more or less have it nailed with those two!

An alternative idea for a Technician/Sturdy set for Astro would be Life Orb with Rock Polish/Nasty Plot, Ominous Wind/Shadow Ball, HP Fighting/Focus Blast, and Psyshock. Those Moves offer perfect coverage too, and with Psyshock it allows the living pile of space debree to break past S.Def Walls it couldn't quite do so well before!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

Nimflora gets Superpower?!

Whoa...I did not know that...

In any case, that should definitely work very, very well on a CB Nimflora.  If Sticky Web isn't super crucial to the team's success, then it might as well be another attacking move that compliments your coverage and type well, right?


Yeah, Hazard Cleaners need a little exploring.  Not a whole ton of amazing Spinners and Defoggers in Uranium.  Coatlith is probably the second best one just by the virtue of it can also use Levitate and it isn't weak to Stealth Rock like most of those other chumps.


No comments on anything else, really.  Astronite is a versatile little bugger that definitely takes experimentation to figure out how it fits in, much like S51-A, and everything else seems to have a well defined role.  Good to hear you're liking how your team is turning out!

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