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Shiny Share Thread!
Long time no see forum! I've noticed that people were posting on Bailey's thread with shinies they've gone, but it doesn't feel right posting there because that's her thread. So I decided to make a megathread where everyone can share their shinies! All shinies are welcomed, so don't feel like they wouldn't be.


To start, here are my three shiny competitive female starters! I am so happy to have them, they are a blessing!
I've got a few!
Sadly RNG has been incredibly rude to me lately so the shinies i've hatched recently arent really worth sharing but i still have these few from a while back!

(i'm still super salty at that xenomite, it just had to have its lacking iv in sp attack  Dodgy )

There's also this boy that Kooks gave to me :p I've got a couple others from her but they need training up before they get the spotlight
[Image: unknown.png]
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let's see what can i show w/o spoiling a certain update

[Image: 1c6ee5c9cc.png]
this is my son, given to me by kooks. (no, i will not evolve him ever he is perfect the way he is Heart )

[Image: 7c70145e4a.png][Image: 5d0be50184.png]
My shiny snakes! Both got a lot of sentimental value.
Arbok was my first shiny nuke, and Gummy was my first hatched shiny in uranium

[Image: 8a47f84c1e.png]
Funny story with this one. I was testing sprites in Moki town and was like ? ? ?? when the wrong sprite
showed up in the patch. RNG was nice to me though, and blessed me with Minty
Oh boy, is it my time to *shineeeee*?
> Brushes the dust off of my barely-used forum account...

I used to be a lot more active here, what happened? Confused  (Oh, that's right... Discord happened, LMAO)

Well, first of all I should probably show off my "shiny box"... these are all the shinies that I personally have either caught or bred myself...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=261]

... minus two Tonemy (that some of y'all probably remember from my other thread), a Glaslugs, a Sheebit, and a wild-caught Misdreavus... all of which were traded/given away to some friends.  The first two rows in the box are all bred shinies; the last two rows are wild-caught shinies.

The Glaslugs and Sheebit are the byproduct of breeding projects that are trolling me worse than the Tonemy did... the wild-caughts, with the obvious exception of the nuclear Trawpint, are also indirect byproducts of breeding, since they were all caught on Route 9 during my hatching.

I've also been fortunate enough to be given a few beautiful shinies from some friends, including...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=263]
- a gift from @Kiryuu, and one of the cornerstones of my competitive team...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=262]
- a gift from @kooks, a muse for a story I'm working on, and a soon-to-be a possible contender for my competitive team (as you can see, he needs some more training before he's ready for battle)...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=264]
- a gift from @Pheonixia52, and another muse for the same story-in-progress.

There's some others to show off (including the story of the shiny Nuclear Trawpint in my shiny box), but that'll be a share for another time... Wink

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I'm back again to show you my shiny demon children! They are so great and I love them lots, even if they are evil. Just kidding, they aren't evil at all.

[Image: demongals.png]

Here are Satan and Lucifer! Both this Pokemon and their line a lot to me. Lucifer was the second shiny Devimp from a 6x6 pairing if I am remember correctly. As for Satan... well I hatched 17 shiny Baashaun before I got her, she's the lucky 18th I suppose! And here's luck incarnate herself.... Beelzbub!

[Image: image.png]

I actually don't have much to say on her really. She's just so lovely.
While shinies are not the be all or end all for me, I do like hearing about them. Sharing the joy is a top priority in mind (Depending on the situation mind you)!
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Thrilled to see this thread taking off. So many of Uranium's shinies are quite the sight to behold.
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Nyeheheheheh~ Now that people have done the deed. As promised, this is my time to shine >:3

but of course, we all need a little bit of showcase behind all that won't we?
this thread is shining like a diamond *laughs to his own joke*

I would share my shinies but all I got are 3 and one is from mystery gift and the other 2 I got from a giveaway (I also don't know how to print screen on my laptop)

but when I get the shiny charm maybe I could encounter a shiny in the wild? or I could just hatch 1,000,000,000 eggs for a shiny pokemon

but I will post my shiny finds when I learn to print sceen on a windos 7 and catch a shiny!
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