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Celadon City Post-Campaigh: Arial
(02-17-2020, 05:06 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Gaspar snorts as your wise retreat from a potentially awkward as heck conversation, looking both supremely amused and like he had a whole bowl of to himself (Satisfied, in other words). "Smart choice. Keep making them, and maybe your relationship with that former vamp isn't doom to stumble down a flight of stairs, along with you . Or at least will spare both some nasty tumbles."

At your pithy remark , he mirrors your previous open mouth expression exactly as he thought about it, before closing it with a sharp *Click* and reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose in slight vexation. "Point made, brother. Legendaries above, below, and on Earth, I know our family's a motley bunch, but when you put it like's a wonder we were not flagged by the Rangers earlier when we made our debut back in Bealbeach. *Shakes head* Probably consider you a really eccentric trainer with close ties with his Pokemon. *Sighs* We'll have to work on our public appearance  in the future, if we don't want to attract all the wrong kind of attention our way, but for now let's just focus on dealing with our personal problems and keep a low enough profile, alright?"

Your Legendary brother looks visibly surprised you easily agreed with his somewhat barmy plan to seek aid for his condition from The Hive Queen Seikamater, not expecting you to give in so easily. Then he remembered exactly how crazy you are and just how far you were willing to go to help the ones he loved, and his expression quickly shift into wry, fond exasperation. ".....Suddenly, I'm not too sure of my plan. 'Cause, you know, whenever you consider something a bright idea, it turns out to be everything but or we get far more than we expected. *Sighs, shaking his head and shrugging* But it's not like we have much better options to choose from, eh? Unless we want to seek out a different Legendary or try a get Mew's help, but there's no telling how they'd react. At least Seikamater will be inclined to hear us out if Riza's there to vouch for us. *Nods* Plan Queen Bee it is then. Whenever you're ready, we'll set out to Baykal Forest and try not to get wrapped up into anymore funny business. Knowing our luck that's a pipe dream, but hey, I can hope and dream right?"

(Gaspar approves of the Bakayl Help Plan too, in case you didn't pick up on that!)

Lastly, a look of realization came to him as you hypothesized the relationship his new form had with Lunala, but winced when you brought forth your idea of what Necrozma represented.

"Yeah, that's exactly right! Solgaleo - me, is The Celestial and Cosmic Lord of the Sun, and Lunala is The Umbral and Cosmic Lady of the Moon! That's what we are! *Winces* But, they - she doesn't represent the Stars. She's.....the Prismatic Lightstar.  That Which Is The Searing And Benevolent Light. Supposed to be, anyway. Now.....she's The Devouring Morningstar. That Which Seeks To Consume All Light, Until She Is Whole Or Is All That Is Left Of It. *Shakes Head* Something changed her very nature and essence of who and what she is, and it was.....not a good thing. Not a good thing in the slightest. *Shakes Head* Don't know what caused it, but I know that much at least...."

The plot thickens....

Also, before Arial forgets, he'd remember that he was supposed to call Lucille later, after she discretely demanded he do. It's up to him (and you) if he heads her or not, but chances are she'd not take being snubbed by an unknown person of interest that knows who she is very well....
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(02-17-2020, 08:33 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:
"I really never was a guy with habilities in keep good appearance, but considerely our situation, we have no choice. Lets just keep a low profile and become some sort of super stars or something. Knowing our luck, if we get way to much famous, Team Rocket could pick up us and discover we never die. But who knows? Maybe Giovanni and Team Rocket be defeated by the time we finally found complete peace in our life. Problably by some 10 years old kid. Because kids is the weakness of any villain. Viktor is a living proof of that."

"Haha, very funny brother. I must remind you that not all of my plans was bad. Most of them actually work. Except maybe...make a Merchant angry and get a ban from make negotiations with her forever...Charge towards Reiner in the back of Nucmon and be beat, burn and bones broken to death...take the shot of a psychic gun...Mount in the back of a Legendary Sun Bro against a Space Legendary Lion..."


"Yeah, I see what you mean. I agree with going to Baykal Forest, but not very much soon. First, we need to get some money. On a legal way and not stealing. And I promise Airmid we would go to Beach tomorrow, since she was excited to see the beach. Along with the fact we must find a place to rest, eat and organize ways to go there, since we might need to buy tickets to get a train to drop in the closest city to Baykal Forest, since there is not place there with technology for such thing."

Arial raise a eyebrown when Gaspar talk about such information. "So Solgaleo do have a girlfriend kinda? Is Solgaleo and Lunala lovers or maybe brothers? Either way, lets hope we never the need in meet her, because...well we already discuss relantioship here, no need to enter that topic again. I hope also you are not into Legendaries ladies. Devouring the way you talk, that Necrozma lady have some vibes of Lucifer to me. Or maybe Giratina. Do you think TPK cause some shit against her too?"

Arial then decided to call Lucille. He sent her a message. Did Lucille specific said if Arial should call her via phone or via message? Either way via either phone or message he said that:

Heya Deborah. How you doing?
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(02-17-2020, 09:07 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

"*Sighs and Nods* Indeed. For now, we stay on the down low, but try to build as much positive rep as we can manage. It'll be hard, but who says we can't have anonymity and fame in one nice lump sum action? *Shakes Head* Not sure about a tyke taking down Da Boss and his Rockets, though. What Viktor did was more a series of freak accidents and lucky breaks on his part than anything else. No way some other kid will be able to take down a criminal organization like Team Rocket."


"*Gives you a deadpan but amused look* Yeah, sure they're not. And they never get us head over heels into crazy shit or trouble. Oh wait, yes they do, you've said so yourself. *Shakes his head, amused* If we (the family) didn't love you or mind all the shenanigans life brings us, we'd probably revolted against you by now. "

Gaspar didn't look all too pleased about delaying things abut his life changing transformation, but he sighs and nods, conceding to your course of action for tomorrow. "Fine. I'll let you handle the finances with Baltazar, since you two are the bread earners of the family. If I was you, though, I'd battle some Trainers on the beach for cash, while also searching the sands for any treasure that washed up, like we used to do when we were younger. We'll have to get up pretty early if we don't want the beach to be mostly picked clean by other treasure hunters, but it'll be worth it if we get a good enough haul. *Shrugs* Failing that, we can spend the whole day at the beach thrashing upstarts for their pocket change, or stick to challenging Trainers that are tough enough to handle what we dish out for greater profit, but greater risks too. Doing all that, we should be able to give Airmid and the rest of the family a nice day at the beach and make ourselves a tidy enough profit to fund our future plans, so it sounds like an A-strat to me. How about it, brother?"


Your metamorphic brother gets an odd look as you bring up what Solgaleo means to a Lunala, looking confused, uncertain, and....receptive to the idea? "...Solgaleos and Lunalas are supposed to be partners. Two halves of a great whole. Day and night. Moondark
 and sunlight. They're supposed to be together....*Shakes head* ....but they can be apart if they need to. *Sighs* ....You don't have to worry about me seeking out a Lunala, brother. Right now, I have way too much on my plate to entertain a relationship with anyone, let alone a Legendary Pokemon. "

Talk about Necrozma and Giratina sends a small shiver down his spine - and yours too
.....My Friend's Disciple Speaks Of Me? Or Do They Speak About Me.....? Lucifer....One Of My Names. ....But Not One I Hold Alone. Shared, It Is, Among Legends And Myths. Those That Have Strayed From Their Paths, Their Purposes....Or Have Rebelled Against Them, And FellAnd The TPK.....Such A Terrible Weapon. A Terrible, Wonderful Weapon. The Key To My Fall....The Key To My Awakening....The Key To My SalvationMy Genesis. ....But Not A Key For The Former Lightstar....The Current Morningstar. Better And Worse, Was Their And Her Fate.... Then, Now, And Perhaps Forever.....
You......hear......something, briefly. At the very edges of your hearing and awareness, yet so very close too. And judging by the stricken look and dead silence coming from Gaspar, they heard it too.

Oh interesting. Very, extremely interesting....


Several minutes passed after you sent your message to the former mad scientist, but eventually you got a concise response back from her.

'Well. Am I right to assume you're the young man I gave my number to on the beach today?'
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(02-18-2020, 12:55 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:
"Who knows brother? The future is a mystery. Like a old once said: Yesterday is history. The tomorrow a mystery. But today is blessing. Thats why is called present. I bet someday brother they will make giant Pokemon too. We already have Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves. Next evolution will be giant Magikarp. And if thats is possible, than someone beat Team Rocket is possible. But leave that mission to other people. I am no hero, and I a selfish human who only care for my family. Leave some dummies fight crime."

Arial shake his hands. "Dont worry brother, from now on things will be better. Eveything what must to happen...already happens." Arial last words kind echo though the building, almost a challenge to the universe. "Huh, didnt know this place was perfect for echo."

Arial nod his head in agreement of the plans. "Sounds a awesome plan to me. And best thing is, we have a super magnetic with us to help gather the treasure." Arial point to Zeus. "With his help, find treasures will be a peace of cake. And fighting trainers will not be difficult. We beat a Light God for Actan sake, so beating kids and take away their lunch money will be easier than steal candy from children. Besides, your new Legendary Body make you almost unstapable. But no Solgaleo form. You need to keep your appearance of Duplicat while we battle. And you kinda need some warm up too and put into use some of your new powers."

Before Arial could reply to Gaspar, Arial felt the shiver in his spine, along with the voice of his head. And seeing his brother reaction, Arial could pick up his brother also felt that. After some seconds, Arial recomponses himself and talk.

"So...let me guess. You are Giratina aren't you? Honest, you almost gave me and my brother a heart attack. No one likes get startled. Well, maybe those people who like watch horror movies, but thats another topic. After meeting some Legendaries, hear the voice from the godness of death is no surprise. Mew, Buzzwole, Solgaleo and Necrozma kinda already show me enough proof Legendary do exist."

''Are you gonna just talk with us like that? From experience when a Legendary notice you and talk with the way you talk, its because they want to have a chat. So are you do some sort of entrace for me and my brother talk with you, or are gonna keep this telepathic conversation?"

Arial send a message back to Deborah/Lucille.

'Yep. Thats me. Its Arial by the way. Thank you for the help by the way. Returning to Tandor after so much time is nice, but have such great warm welcome from the Champion and their family? Now thats what I call a awesome comeback heh. Again, thanks for all the help.''

'But...I suppose you dont want to talk about that. Is there something else you want to talk about?'

Just for curiosity Windos, how Arial know it is Lucille and not Viktor, or worse, Kellyn using her phone? It is possible to roll some dice to see that? Because, Arial is literally walking in thin ice.
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(02-18-2020, 01:43 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Ever the skeptic, your brother looks supremely doubtful about your hopes for Team Rocket's destruction in the future , near or far, but he happily, enthusiastically, nods at your selfish wish to stay the hell out of that business. The less disaster, trouble, or lucky breaks you and the family stays out of, the better off they'll all be! Like you said it yourself, you and them are no heroes, so leave the thankless task of making the world a better place to nobler and/or naively stupid and/or stupidly naive people!

You hopeful words made ominous does earn you a worried look from everyone in the room and not just Gaspar, but they all settle down soon enough, having faith you'll see them through to a better future (Arial's Pokemon), or just plain unbothered if things do go wrong, as they can handle themselves just fine in sticky situations (Riza's Pokemon).

Speaking of which, Gaspar's plan to visit Seikamater for guidance has earned you the quiet attention of your fiance's hive, and when you more or less apparent you were going through with it eventually, their approval too. Dragonfighter and Blooderfly seemed almost excited at the prospects of a reunion with the Hive Queen of Tandor, while Buzz Burner appeared aloofly interested in meeting with them. couldn't really tell how they felt beyond their approval, and what felt like.....relief?

Your magnificent leo has a somewhat similar reaction to your approval for Seikamater plan when you approve of his beach hunt scheme (bemused, paranoid happiness), and he easily agreed with your request to remain in Duplicat form. Not only did he feel marginally more comfortable in it, but he does not want to attract the sort of attention his new true form would bring. Would kinda defeat the point of all their scheming and plans to remove incognito if he strutted around the beach and totally pwned Trainers as a Legendary, you know?

When you spoke aloud to what you thought was the Renegade Goddess herself, you and Gaspar suddenly feel a strong, [u]otherwordly[/i] wave of shock and surprise crash into you two, causing you both to stagger just a bit before you righted yourselfs
Ah!! You....Heard Me, My Friend's Dark Disciple? My Musing On What You Drew To My Attention....? Intentionally, Or Not....? .....Strange.....And Intriguing. How.....?
Again, you heard that voice of what you and your brother now strongly suspect is Giratina herself. From what you can deduce, it appears she's just as taken aback as you were for being able to hear her comments, let along detect her presence. You also had the uncanny feeling that the Goddess of The Underworld has a habit of talking to herself , from what little interaction you've had with her.
....Hm....A Mystery To Determine Later, If You Do Not Have The Answer For It. Yes, I Am Giratina. You Spoke My Name, And So You Called Me And My Attention. Rare Is It That One Notices Me, Without Revealing Myself To My Petitioner. Rarer Still.....That One Hold No Fear For Me. In Body, Mind, Or Soul..... Strange.....Very Strange You Are Indeed.....
You sense her interest in you, as well as.....curiosity and wonder about you too?
......I Did Not Intend To Speak With You. Nor Do I Think You Intended To Summon, Hear, And Speak With Me.... An Unexpected Surprise.....But A Not Unpleasant One. For Now, For However Long We Do So.....We Shall Talk With Each Other As We Do So Now..... I Have.....Other Business, That Requires My Constant Physical Presence. Now....And Later. .....So.....I Ask You Arial....What Is It That Made You Call Me...? And Why Do You Know, And Speak, So Candidly Of The Morningstar....?
......Well, you don't know how you managed to do it, but you got yourself an open line to Giratina herself, whom now seems to hold an inordinate amount of interest in you. You could see your brother shoot you a semi-exsaperate, semi-increadulous look for this event and mouthed 'How on [i]earth did you cause this?!' 

Gaspar was right: you luck really was the worst. Or best, depending on how you look at it.



Based on your brief interactions with her family, you can say with confidance that it is indeed Lucille texting you. Kellyn would have been more direct and interrogative right off the bat with his messages, while Viktor would be far more personable and chatty.

Your fairly upbeat response to her message causes a considerable delay with her next one, which even a somewhat socially inept person as yourself can tell was a sign you caught her off guard.

'....I suppose you are welcome, Arial. And no, I would rather not talk about my family with you. Not until I can access and determine some things about you. To start, how did you know who I was, and why did you choose to remain quiet about it? Recognizing a person of past but infamous ill-repute would have put most on guard, at the very least. But not you. '[/i]
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(02-18-2020, 04:09 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:

Ouch. Just ouch. The power of Giratina was so overwelming that make Arial and Gaspar stagger. 
"Ouch...could you please hold back a little your power Lady Giratina? Me and my brother barely survive a onslaught against a Legendary recently, so I dont want to go into your bad side."

He does have a suspect in mind about how he is able to feel Giratina presence. 
"Maybe it is because of my last encounter. I suppose you know the godness of darkness Zuryk. She restore my girlfriend humanity in exchange in fight and defeat a Necrozma. Maybe because of my contact with Legendary of other entities make me able to feel other Legendary presence like yourself? Honest, I do not know. And about me not fear, its because I naturally have some loose screws. Psychic Torture kinda give someone lack of fear or pain."

"Also, dont waste time in try read my mind. The psychic torture kinda gives me almost immunity to mind read. But I suppose this is nothing for a goodness I think."

"Also, sorry for call your name. Me and my brother was trying to figure out a relantioship between Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma. Maybe the Morningstar you mentioned is about Necrozma right?

Arial give a shrug dont having a answer to their lack of luck. "I dont know brother. Maybe what they is true: Words have power. For better or worse."

Arial decided to take opportunity of that. 
"Lady Giratina, since we have a open chat between us, can I ask something? Only if you want of course. Lets just say a normal Pokemon, like a bug Pokemon of Tandor, becomes a Legendary Pokemon, how this happens? I always though Legendary Pokemon never evolve, such yourself, Molres, and so many Legendaries and mystics. How it is possible for a Pokemon become a Legendary? And how he can find a way to handle such power?"

Arial take a few seconds to give a straight and honest answer, but at the same not destroy him completely. He decide to talk again.

Well, for starters, I was there that day. The day when Curie attacked Mount Lanthanite during the Pokemon League, with a Nuclear Actan and Urayne. Couldnt escape in time before a group of Nuclear Arbok and Nuclear Tanscure attack me and my Pokemon. I was able to fight back. I may not look, but I pretty strong heh.

I was witness to Viktor defeat and befriend Actan...and defeat a Nuclear God of Death. And the revelation of Curie true face. And the reason why of the attacks.

I know you been though a lot of Tauros shit, and even back there, I decide to keep my mouth shut. 

Look, you might not believe, but I also have a family too. And I myself did mistakes in the past. What you were, or was, I couldnt care less. I made a lot of mistakes, so who am I to judge you? 

You might not believe that words, but trust me, I already go though a lot of problems in my life who taugh me to be more...kind. So I dont care if you trust my words or not.

And about me not be on guard with you? Two reasons:

1 - I face dangers in my life to the point in almost have no fear. 

2 - To son and husband be able to lie and protect someone who made mistakes, and still be willing to forgive you and give another chance? You might did some mistakes Lucille, but you are learning from them, and I could see that when you been together with your family. Happy.

...Thats something we have in common. Despite our flaws, we have our families to make us strong and stand up again. I have my brothers and sisters with me. And my girlfriend. They are the light in the darkness of my life.

And Arial was silence, letting his words in the air.
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